Spread Your Business Messages Effectively With Window Graphics


When you walk past a restaurant, what are the first thoughts that hit your mind? What makes you feel like going into it to have a wholesome eating experience? Undeniably, a solid Google review is a good start but secondly, it is the appearance of their storefront. 

Colorful and attractive vinyl window graphics and branded signage are critically important to enhancing the experience of potential and existing patron. Vinyl window graphics must be appealing to our eyes and beckon the passers-by to visit the eatery. Alluring and delightful window graphics from Heritage Printing and Graphics can inform customers about your products and services with compelling visual graphics and engaging colors. Our products will improve your business by directing people towards your services without a second thought.

What Do We Mean by Window Graphics?

Window graphics can be defined as clings, decals, murals, wraps or stickers designed from adhesive vinyl that is applied to storefront windows and other surfaces to highlight your business. These graphics can be custom printed as per your business requirements.  They help to communicate your business message and on exterior or interior partitions or glass windows. In short, our window graphics can assist you in achieving your business goals through proper marketing via storefront window graphics produced and installed by Heritage Printing & Graphics

Permanent and Temporary Window Graphics

If you are conducting a one-time event as well as a short term promotion, temporary vinyl window graphics can do the trick. These removable vinyl graphics help you to effectively promote this event or special sale for your business. At Heritage Printing and Graphics, we can produce and install window graphics to promote your business more effectively. You can consult with our trained project managers to discuss your needs, and our qualified team will produce an extraordinarily unique graphic that will impress you and your clients.  

On the flip side, if you are planning to rebrand your existing office and business area or wish to promote a particular campaign, Heritage Printing & Graphics can assist you in determining the accurate adhesive vinyl graphics perfect for your application. We have uniquely designed graphics to decorate glass, wood, sheet rock and other surfaces to convey your business message effectively and rapidly.

What Do You Need To Consider For Ordering Window Graphics?

When you are placing an order for window graphics, you need to consider certain factors to get the right output. At Heritage Printing and Graphics, we focus on custom designing our graphics to fit the business requirements of our valuable clients. The more information you share about your business, the better services we can provide you in return. Here are certain factors that you should let us know if you want to get your window graphics designed by our creative team. Our surveyors will visit your business site to collect the following details for your convenience:

  • The number of windows you want to decorate.
  • Restrictions of the local zoning for application of exterior window graphics
  • Measurement of your windows
  • Whether you want to cover the entire windows or a part of them with the graphics
  • The message you want to convey through the graphics
  • Kind of graphics you want. Like, whether it should include a photo, image, logo or text.
  • If you have any particular color scheme all brand images in mind
  • The primary motive of your graphics
  • Features you prefer for your graphics – permanent placement or removable, longevity, etc.

At Heritage Printing & Graphics, we can assure you will receive professional, high-quality, vinyl window graphics to meet your business need. Give us a call, we are here to help! 

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Joe Gass

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Creative Solutions for Your Unique Office Signs Requirements

Office Signs” is be a very broad term, similar to saying “Fruit Trees”.  There are so many varieties, applications and usages, that to simply say “I need an office sign” would automatically invoke a response like: “What are you trying to achieve with your new office sign?

Hi, I am Joe Gass and today’s blog topic is about custom office signs.  At Heritage Printing & Graphics in Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC, we manufacture and install a wide variety of office signage for our clients:

So when someone says: “I need an office sign.”  The response is easy: “Call Heritage!

We believe in education, if the customer has an idea of what they want, we ask the right questions and offer solutions prior to creating the product.  This is another aspect of the Heritage Process, understanding what you are purchasing and how much it will cost eliminates sticker shock and un-realistic expectations.  We deliver an office sign ready for application and to satisfy the purpose you desire.

The Heritage team is always available to help assist with custom designs, brain storming, graphics creation or editing.  Our group of professionals have vast experience in; graphic design, fabrication and engineering and we provide them while utilizing the best technology, tools and materials to accomplish any project.

Whether it’s a single standoff mounted sign for your office in Washington, DC or a hundred office signs for a chain of stores in Charlotte, NC, we welcome the order and will provide you with an American Made signage produced by a Veteran Owned Business that seeks to honor God by serving others!


Joe Gass
Heritage Printing & Graphics
2639 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008 (202) 609-9761
2739 Interstate Street, Charlotte NC 28208 (704) 551-0700
2854 Old Washington Road, Waldorf, MD 20601  (301) 843-1995

Are you Looking for a Unique Event Display?

Event Towers

Event Towers

Conventions, trade shows and other industry big events continue to get lots of attention these days!  Are you effectively participating in these opportunities to distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Standing out in a crowd can be easier if you know how!

Event Towers

Event Towers

Why are Event Towers a good idea for your next tradeshow, conference or meeting? Floor space is always at a premium at most events. You can only purchase so much square feet of floor space for your booth but have you ever thought about going UP!!

Event Towers

The average height of trade show exhibits across the convention floor is typically around 8 feet tall.  The few vendors that select to reach higher than their competition attract a lot more attention and are more positively remembered.  Although our standard event tower is about eight feet tall, it can be configured to rise your brand above the cloud of vendors and make your display a huge talking point.

Event Towers

Learn More Here!

Touch your next customer, from across the convention floor, with a custom event tower from Heritage Printing.

We custom print and contour cut, event towers up to 12’ tall! We propel your logo, brand and message to the thousands in attendance with direct image printing and custom cutting each individual panel.

Our event tower panels are easy to store, transport, assemble and disassemble. Assembly is easy, build 3 or 4 sets of panels, then connect the sets, for an impressive event display that is affordable.

Event Towers

Don’t become overshadowed and diminished by the competition at trade shows, when affordable event towers are easy to attain.

Our custom event towers can serve numerous functions, they can be configured to form a booth backdrop, hold company literature and more. Have your marketing department speak to our team and discover how affordable and easy to use event towers have become.

More than just event displays, our towers can be utilized for Point of Purchase (POP) displays. Consumers and loyal customers can easily access the “Special of the Week” at the grocery and convenience stores.

Event Towers

The flexibility of a custom event tower has multiple advantages:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Assemble/Disassemble
  • Portable
  • Reusable
  • Towers over Competitors
  • Versatile

So please contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve greater heights at your next big event!  We are here to help.

Joe Gass, President/CEO
Heritage Printing & Graphics

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