8 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

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Whether this is your first trade show event or your tenth, there’s no question, you want to stand out. Ideally, you’d like to be the only booth in sight, if not at least the star of the show. Being the sole exhibitor at a convention that still draws thousands of people is a little far-fetched, but that doesn’t mean it can’t seem that way for your attendees. Here are eight ways that are sure to help you stand out at your next tradeshow and be the talk of the town for years to come.

  1. Start Before You Get There

Your trade show doesn’t start when the people are let in to see your amazing exhibit and take all of your swag. This trade show started the moment the last trade show ended. Ok, not quite, but that is how you should look at it.

Tip: You should start planning and marketing your booth way before the show starts. Create a hashtag, send an email letting people know you are going to be there, create a call out for the tradeshow on your website. In the month or two leading up to your show, getting the word out about your amazing trade show display will have people lining up to see YOU.

  1. Build up

If this is your first trade show and you’ve never walked into a mile-long convention center, expect to find a sea of people among a thousand logo’d pillars.  You want to make sure your booth is easy to find and stands out among the crowd.

Tip: When designing your booth make it as tall as possible. The taller the booth, the higher your flag, the easier it is to be found. With a taller booth, you can get better exposure without paying as much for renting a larger booth space. Once way to achieve this, is to design custom event towers, that can reach up to eight feet tall. Another way to attract attention using height, is to hang event banners, or meter boards above your booth.
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  1. Color Choices

When you design your event display you want to make sure your booth is true to your brand, but you also want to attract attention.

Tip: Use vibrant colors. Implementing bright, bold colors into your event display will help your booth catch eyes. If you want to take this a step further, you can do some competitive research to help you select the best colors to implement into your display. Look into the other brands that will be attending the tradeshow and see what colors are commonly used in their logos and websites. If you start to see a trend of blue and blue logos, you may consider using colors like orange or yellow to stand out.

  1. Activity in Your Booth

Aside from visual elements in your display, you can also attract attention through commotion. We have a natural curiosity to give our attention to things other people are interested in.

Tip: Create activity in your booth by holding games, contests, or timed trials for your attendees

to compete in. Display a scoreboard to keep track of the highest scores and award the highest score with something cool at the end of the event. These types of competitions create opportunities for people to not only see and talk with your brand, but to have a memorable experience with your brand.

  1. Journey Through the Booth and Story-telling

Keep in mind, getting people to your booth is not your only goal. After you have captured attention with your booth, you want to engage with your audience. Your main goal is to communicate a targeted message to your audience.

Tip: You don’t want to waste time and money on a beautiful, engaging trade show display without putting thought into the message. Use your convention display to take your booth visitors on a journey. Spend some time planning out a great story worth sharing with your audience. Think about the message you want them to walk away with, and how your display can express that. For example, you could tell the story of your brand, how the company has gotten where it is, or even what your company wants to accomplish. Once you have your story planned, you can use strategically placed graphic displays to tell share that story and really connect with your audience.

  1. Unique Swag

When your audience leaves your booth, you want your brand to stick with them throughout the tradeshow and after they return home. Aside from creating a memorable experience, you can give them something tangible to take with them.

Tip: Don’t just give away marketing materials, put some thought into a giveaway item. Everyone has the pen, the koozie and the reusable swag bag. Give away something unique, something memorable. What you decide to give away will be different depending on your type of business of course, but you can always think outside of the box. For example, if you’re a florist, maybe give away a business card with seeds and planting instructions. Your giveaway doesn’t have to be over the top. A simple but unique giveaway can leave a lasting impression.

  1. Know Your Competition

Annual trade shows tend to be well documented by media outlets, as well as tradeshow sponsors. You should use this to your advantage.

Tip: Have some due diligence, and research previous tradeshows. You can see what your competitors have done in the past and think about what they are going to bring to the table this year. A lot of trade shows exhibitions don’t get a makeover every year so there’s a good chance you can find out exactly with what you’ll be competing. You don’t need to research every competitor, but you can browse the competition to have an edge.

  1. Invest in a Great Display

After you have invested so much time and energy into planning, preparing, and setting up your exhibit, you want to be able to step back, take a look and admire your booth. Unfortunately for some sponsors, they will look at their own exhibit and be disappointed.

Tip: Make the most of your next tradeshow exhibition opportunity with high quality displays and convention materials. You are going to be directly competing with dozens, if not hundreds of other sponsors for attention, so make sure you stand out in a good way. Instead of just a table with giveaways,  you can enhance your booth by combining different event elements like retractable banner stands, table runners, and fabric backdrops for a complete look. While your business may have high quality products and services to offer, a low quality display will send the opposite message to your audience. It pays unseen dividends to have a potential client think highly of the quality and design of your tradeshow booth, since it may be the first impression you are making on potential clients and customers.

Heritage Custom Signs and Displays specializes in designing, printing, and installing high quality trade show displays. We know what it takes to make your booth stand out from the crowd of competitors. With decades of experience we have a team of experts, the skills, and the state-of-the-art large format printing technology to help you make your mark on your next event. Get a quote now.

Self-Publishing a Children’s Book

With the best intentions, you’ve decided to write and publish your first children’s book, now it’s time to do some research. Best intentions often lead us into the field of stress and financial despair.

Here’s some tips that can help you avoid the downsides and make your book a positive influence on children, parents and yourself.

#1 Pictures sell books!

Hire a quality illustrator, one that is experienced with children’s books and understand your purpose. Find someone you will like working with, because if successful, you will write another book.

#2 Patience pays!

Don’t get in a huge hurry, haste makes waste and the last item on your to-do list is produce a sub-par product. Take the time to proof your work, have an English major suggest edits and be prepared for a few edits. Illustration also takes time; transparent communication will alleviate misery.

#3 Find a printer you trust!

Quality writing, deserves quality book printing, do not shop on price, it will disappoint you many times. Interview several printers to ascertain one you are comfortable working with.

#4 Marketing is tough!

With the perfect children’s book in-hand, how do you get it in the hands of your readers? Book readings at elementary schools always place you in front of your audience, leave them with an easy option to “give Mom” so she can order your book. Social media can be tremendous for promoting a book. Hiring a publisher may help sell some books, but the cost may extinguish your profits.

“Your good intentions will never overshadow your deeds.”Bruce M. Morgan

Helping children is paramount to our success, providing them with an educational book, with engaging artwork can possibly motivate children far past our beliefs.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Window Graphics FAQ

Window Graphics

How much do window graphics cost?

Price of window graphics are determined by the amount of graphic design needed, the type and amount of vinyl to be used, and the installation. An average cost from recent orders were in the range of $2,000 to $3,000 with installation.

Exterior Window Frosting

Exterior Window Frosting

Do you serve residential or just commercial?

Commercial, we are setup for mid to large jobs, single orders rarely fit in our bandwidth, so we can’t be competitive in price.

Do you provide window graphics for vehicles?

We make fleet graphics, which are orders for multiple vehicles. We do not make single order vehicle window graphics.

Interior Window Frosting

Interior Window Frosting

Can you use my image?

Maybe, depends on the resolution. A low-resolution file will be distorted.

Can you create an image for me?

Yes, we have numerous graphic designers on staff to assist with any imagery you need.

Window Decals

Window Decals

Do you offer frosted privacy window vinyl?

Yes, frosted is a term for a print pattern. We have the capabilities to print white ink and produce any pattern. We an install to any glass, interior or exterior.

Storefront Window Graphics

Storefront Window Graphics

Can I see through the window art?

Yes, we can print on a perforated vinyl that has see-through capabilities.

Can the graphic be cleaned?

Yes, we recommend using a mild soap and warm water.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Can it be removed?

Yes, vinyl adhesiveness is measured by “Tack”. We have a variety of “low-tack” vinyls that can easily be removed.

Can the vinyl be reused?

In most cases no. We can print smaller murals on a “low-tack” vinyl that can be re-attached. Larger pieces of vinyl will stretch on removal and not adhere properly a second time.

Window Frosting

Window Frosting

Will the vinyl damage our glass?

In most cases, no. We provide site surveys to ensure the proper vinyl is being applied to the appropriate surface.

What is first and second surface mean?

First surface is applied to the viewing side of the glass, typically the exterior. Second surface is reverse or “mirror image” printed and adheres to the interior side of the glass.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics

What are the advantages of second surface application?

Second surface application deters vandalism and protects the window art for a longer life expectancy.

Window Lettering

Window Lettering

How long does it take to get my window wrap?

Our turn times are 5-10 days from proof approval, we offer expedited services for “Rush” orders.

How long will it take to install?

We estimate 2-3 hours on a typical install.

Window Striping

Window Striping

Do you install after hours?

We work at your convenience, weekends and after-hours installation times available.

Kevin Smith
Heritage Printing