Marketing for Print-Customer Reviews

Marketing for Print-Customer Reviews

I’ve been asked numerous times to create some marketing tips for the printing industry. Today’s marketing tip is customer reviews and how to get more of them.


Why should I seek reviews from my customers?

If your company has any type of internet presence: website, social media, local listings, directory listings, then customer reviews have an impact on your company. When current or prospective customers search for your products and services, your customer reviews are very likely to be displayed. Having positive reviews has been a determining factor for many of our new customers.


Where should customers leave a review?

Google+ is the best and gets the most attention, but there are hundreds of review opportunities: Facebook, Manta, Merchant Circle, Yahoo, Yelp to name a few. I’ve setup a web page with links to the review sites we prefer, but the best method is to email your customer a link to your preferred review site, we send our customers to Google+. Whitespark has created a Google Review Link Generator that makes custom links to send your customers.

I was told that it’s wrong to ask for reviews, is that true?

Yes and no, some sites, like Yelp, have strict guidelines for reviews, while most sites welcome requested reviews. I strongly recommend researching the sites review policy to ensure you follow their guidelines.


How do I get more reviews?

It’s a process of good customer service from the initial point of contact. Our top project coordinator, James Zambrano, received over 80 Google+ reviews in 2017 and is on pace to eclipse that number this year.

  • Always be attentive and professional.

  • Never make promises you can’t keep.

  • Be very transparent, if it’s going to cost more or be delayed, make certain your customer knows ASAP.

  • Offer options, sometimes your customer may not know they have value added options.

  • Stay on top of the project as it moves through your company, address obstacles before they become issues.

  • Send them notifications on shipping/delivery times.

  • Follow up after the delivery to ensure everything is as promised.

  • Send them a very polite email, thanking them for their business and ask for the review, sending them a link to your preferred review site.

James Zambrano

James Zambrano

What do I do after I get a review?

Always reply through the platform it was left on. I login to Google+ and say thank you, make a short, positive comment and mention the reviewer by name. Acknowledging the effort of the customer shows you are attentive and they get a message from the site acknowledging your reply.


What if I get a bad review?

Bad reviews are an unfortunate part of the process, unhappy or unmotivated employees can poorly represent a company. Remove unenthusiastic employees from the customer chain is priority one, this will prevent more bad reviews in most cases. Always address the review through the platform, if it was a product issue, offer them a substitute. If it was service oriented, thank them for bringing it to your attention and politely tell them it has been addressed. Never blame anyone, always accept the consequences as a company leader and stay positive. Do not become engaged in a long, online battle between “the company” and the customer, remember, many others will see your comments and that may influence them negatively.

Like it or not, your company is represented by reviews and reviews are influencers to your customers.

Managing your review campaign is easy when you have great people like James. Motivate and empower all employees to give 110% effort to every aspect of every project and positive reviews will be forthcoming.


Kevin Smith
Heritage Printing