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Blogging is always the highlight of my duties at Heritage, I embrace the research and creative writing for this particular audience as well as the website viewers and Social Media. Some writings are obviously better than others, but I always try to create something interesting, educational and engaging. Gathering readers is a task and with so much information online it’s a challenge to develop an audience, BUT when I do gain a loyal reader, it’s the ultimate compliment to my efforts.


THAT BEING SAID: some of my best writing deserves revisiting, in my world we call it “Republishing”. Basically taking a previous article and publishing it a second time in a revised and updated version. Last Christmas was one of my favorite posts, so I naturally selected it for republishing.

It is not my intent to sway anyone’s beliefs on Christmas,
only to offer my opinion of a holiday symbol.

I hope you enjoy my personal version of:

The Christmas Tree


When I Googled “The meaning of the Christmas Tree” I had 8,350,000 results in .53 seconds, that’s a lot of opinions of what people believe is the story behind our holiday evergreen. I read a few of these articles for insight and to write an accurate version, albeit in my own words, of the meaning of the Christmas Tree.

Nonetheless Christmas and the Christmas Tree is what each individual choose to believe and how it inspires their lives.

The early reference of using a symbolistic evergreen at Christmas was in Germany around the 12th century. They referred to the original evergreen as a “Paradise Tree” in a reference to the “Tree of Life” that was in the Garden of Eden in the time of Adam and Eve.

This is a very debatable statement as the Tree of Life is often mentioned in numerous versions of the Bible.

The Paradise Tree was chosen to be an evergreen since it consistently endured the harsh European winters, it also was a sign of “Hope” that the warmer spring season was forthcoming.

There are numerous varieties of pines, holly’s and furs available, my research has the 1st Christmas Tree as a Frasier Fur, but alas it too remains debatable.

Simply enough, through Jesus Christ, we have hope of everlasting life much like the enduring evergreen which sustains the winters (difficult times) without fading and even though it loses a few of its older leaves/needles, they are replaced with more vibrant greenery and life.

Christmas Trees represent the Resurrected Christ

The 12th century Germans used candles to illuminate their Paradise Tree. Candles symbolized, Christ and his eternal life gift to all mankind. Much like Jesus gives us light, hope and warmth through his teachings as well as his own substance (his life on the cross) the candles gives us light and warmth while it consumes its body (the wax).

Many people believe that Jesus did this so that we might find the power of the Holy Spirit. Once we discover his divine light for ourselves we can, through the Holy Spirit, give of ourselves to others.

Much as the Christmas Tree is an inspiration, it will long be recognized by many Christians as a reminder of the gifts Jesus gave us through his life so we may give back to others.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
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