Signs are everywhere, in every style and format imaginable

Do we really see all these signs or are they just a grain of sand on a beach?

What signs do you see and remember?

When was the last time you mentioned a sign to a friend?

So many questions about so many signs…the answers are simple, the engaging signs are the ones we talk about.

“Signs have evolved with technology.  This digital world enables us to create immaculate signs to precise measurements.  I’m amazed every day at what we produce.” Joe Gass, President, Heritage Printing & Graphics.

This is often thought, but rarely spoken: “There are so many choices, what kind of sign do I need?”


The Internet is full of information on signs, from retractable banners to life size cutouts and a plethora of others.  Here are 4 sign types and applications they are often used for:
  1. Banners: printed fabric hung from the ceiling or a wall, or erected in a retractable stand and often displayed by an aluminum banner stand. Banners are great for tradeshows.  “I print more banners for a retractable banner stand than any other category of signs we make.” Brent Thompson, Production Manager.
  2. Vinyl: printed vinyl that can be applied to a wall, floor or window and vehicles for temporary or permanent display. Full wraps use Hi-Res images of anything from the Americana landscape to a 3-D world of fantasy, imagination has no limits.  Vinyl in offices and vehicles are very popular.
  3. Cut Signs: direct print to the substrate or printed material applied to a substrate and laminated, then custom cut to precise dimensions. Cut signs include the ever popular life size cut outs, dimensional lettering and backlit signs to name a few.  Free standing or hung from a wall or ceiling, custom cut signs are used in almost every application.
  4. Lighted Signs: LED lights (most popular) attached to the substrate and used as illumination to either display the sign or to highlight areas of the sign. Lighted signs take many forms and are popular for external and interior use.

“The best engaging signs we manufacture have immaculate imagery.  Hi-Resolution images always produce the best sign.” Lamar Scott, Graphic Artist.

Still confused on signage?  Contact us at Heritage Printing, we welcome your call for advice on signs, there is no sign question we haven’t heard before.

Signs, Signs everywhere there’s signs…


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