The Versatility of Frosted Vinyl

Many employers love the look of etched glass in their office spaces, but don’t like the cost and the often-cumbersome installation process that comes with it. Frosted vinyl is a type of vinyl that emulates the look of etched glass while being less expensive, easier to install, and highly customizable to match your company’s unique corporate branding. Frosted vinyl is a versatile and popular material that many companies use to give their interior spaces an extra edge of professionalism and visual appeal.

Common Uses of Frosted Vinyl

Frosted vinyl is a versatile substance that has been put to a variety of uses in corporate interior spaces to achieve numerous branding and functional goals. Some of the most common uses for frosted vinyl include the following.

Frosted Vinyl Makes Your Interior Glass More Visible

The glass in office spaces needs to be distinguished from the rest of the office to reduce the risk of employees accidentally running into it or breaking it. Etched glass refracts the light to ensure that the glass stands out from open spaces such as hallways. Frosted vinyl can recreate the look of etched glass without the cumbersome installation and at a price that’s more affordable. Frosted vinyl helps office glass stand out from the rest of the office to ensure the glass’ long-term integrity as well as give the office a more professional look.

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Frosted Vinyl Makes Workspaces Private While Adding Aesthetic Appeal

Workplaces need to have private rooms, but sometimes a blend between privacy and visibility needs to be achieved. Frosted vinyl allows for meeting rooms or other interior spaces to be private while allowing them to not be completely closed off from the rest of your workplace. How private the room becomes is entirely up to you, as well as the uniqueness of the design.

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Frosted Vinyl Brands Your Office Spaces Consistently and Vibrantly

Arguably most importantly of all, frosted vinyl is an ideal opportunity to brand your interior using office glass. Like the walls of your office, the glass on windows or meeting rooms is a perfect place to boost your branding initiatives, whether it’s company values, logos, or quarterly initiatives. It’s another place to make your brand more visible to employees and clients alike, so don’t be afraid to use it!

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Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays is a leading and award-winning provider of frosted vinyl and other printing services in Baltimore, Maryland. As a local company that has proudly served the area since 1977, our team has acquired decades of experience serving outstanding printed products, custom-fabricated signs, and unique displays for companies and organizations of all types. Not only do we create your custom signage, but we install it for you with minimal interruption to your workflow, leaving your space transformed. We make sure that our installation process is straightforward, simple, and ensures complete customer satisfaction. Our goal with every job we do is to give our clients the 5-star treatment.

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If you are wanting to create an unforgettable look for the interior of your Baltimore, Maryland business with custom-printed frosted vinyl, reach out to the team at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays today. Our sign experts look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create your custom signage for your office or corporate interior space. Call us at (301) 843-1997 or Get a Quote today!

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