Experiential/Environmental Graphics: The Way to Make Your Brand Stand Out in Baltimore, MD

Environmental graphics are crucial in creating a memorable, visually appealing, and productive work environment in Baltimore, MD. By providing a space with a brand personality and voice, environmental graphics help create an atmosphere that inspires creativity and employee morale, leading to increased productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction. From wall displays to custom interior signs, environmental graphics serve as a way to tell a brand's story, reinforce its values and culture, and enhance the overall well-being of employees. These graphics also serve a practical purpose, such as aiding in the free movement of people, providing warnings, and giving directions.

Examples of Environmental Graphics

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps, including interior wallscapes and wall murals, are a bold and eye-catching way to make a statement in your business space. These large-scale graphics can be used to create a visual focal point, enhance brand identity, and express your company culture. Wall wraps are one of the most enduring components of environmental graphics because they’re a cost-effective and visually immersive way of making your space unforgettable and impactful.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics, including frosted vinyl and other interior graphics, can be used to enhance your interior or exterior space. Utilizing existing glass, window graphics make your corporate interior space unforgettable by showcasing your organization's unique imagery and messaging. Window graphics make experiential graphics unforgettable for potential customers and more inclined to partake in your products or services.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator wraps are a way to extend your corporate branding throughout your space. Adhering to the elevator doors and surrounding wall space, elevator wraps add an element of professionalism and set your company apart from the competition. Elevator wraps enhance your corporate interior space and create an immersive experience for both employees and customers.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs provide customers with clear and concise directions to various locations within your building, making it easier for them to find what they're looking for. Whether you need a simple directional sign or a complex sign system, wayfinding signs make your space more accessible and user-friendly.

Storefront Graphics

Storefront graphics are an essential aspect of a business’s visual identity and branding. They are typically made up of large, eye-catching graphics, signs, and logos that are placed on or near the exterior of a business location to help attract customers and promote brand awareness. Storefront graphics can include a company's logo, tagline, product images, and other important information that customers need to know.

Core Value Walls

Core value walls are a popular way for businesses to display their core values and beliefs to employees, customers, and visitors. These walls are typically located in high-traffic areas within the office or store, and they are meant to provide a visual representation of what the business stands for and what it values.

Lobby Graphics

Lobby graphics play an important role in creating a welcoming and professional environment for customers and visitors entering a business. They typically include large-scale graphics, signs, and logos that are placed in the lobby or entrance area of a building, and they serve as a visual representation of the business and its brand.

Standoff Mounted Signs

Standoff mounted signs are a popular way for businesses to display their signs, logos, and other important information in a professional and eye-catching manner. Standoff mounted signs are made from a variety of materials, including metal, acrylic, or wood, and they are designed to be mounted on the wall using small metal or plastic standoffs. Standoff mounted signs are an essential component of experiential graphics because of how they add three-dimensional depth to your space.

Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays for Your Environmental Graphics in Baltimore, MD?

Heritage Signs & Displays, is a family-owned and veteran-owned sign company that specializes in creating impactful and engaging environmental graphics. With over four decades of experience and state-of-the-art printing technology, our team has the expertise to produce precise and timely results that meet your business goals and leave a lasting impression on customers and employees. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, as reflected in our hundreds of positive customer reviews and industry awards. Our team is a valuable partner in the production and installation of environmental graphics and has a thorough understanding of the importance of environmental signage systems.

Experiential Graphics in Baltimore, MD

Installing Environmental Graphics

What sets Heritage Signs & Displays apart from other Baltimore sign shops is our easy-to-navigate and collaborative commercial graphics installation process. Our experienced designers and installers work with clients across various industries to print and install experiential graphics that effectively meet their business goals and bring their spaces to life. Contact Heritage Signs & Displays to learn how we can help you create an environment that inspires creativity and boosts employee morale, leading to increased productivity and success.

Experiential Graphics in Baltimore, MD

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Environmental graphics amplify corporate interior spaces in Baltimore, MD, so if you’re looking to get started or learn more, call Heritage Signs & Displays today. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free quote for your experiential graphics. Call us at (301) 843-1997 to speak to one of our project managers. Or use our online form to Get a Quote for free!

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