Acrylic Signs Positively Transform Workplace Interior Environments and Enhance Company Culture in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD is home to many businesses looking to get noticed by customers and patrons of all sorts. A company in a crowded metro area like Baltimore might be looking to increase its number of customers per day. Companies, organizations, and venues both large and small seek to leave an unforgettable impression on their target audiences and convert their casual interest into recurring sales. The most successful of these businesses do so with eye-catching signage that is made from a durable material like acrylic.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are a category of signs made from acrylic, also known as plexiglass. Acrylic signs are lighter and more durable than glass. Acrylic signs are particularly advantageous as signage for lobbies, entryways, waiting rooms, auditoriums, or showrooms. No matter the business, room size, or intention, acrylic signs are durable and versatile. They draw attention while being built to last, making them ideal signage solutions. Beautiful and completely customizable, a contour cut and three-dimensional acrylic sign make for a strong first impression on potential customers.

The Branding Advantages of Acrylic Signs in Workplace Interior Spaces

Not only do acrylic signs offer a modern and sleek look for workplace interiors, but they also provide numerous branding advantages. Acrylic signs can be easily customized to fit any brand's style and color scheme, allowing for consistent brand messaging throughout the workplace. They are also incredibly durable and long-lasting, making them a wise investment for any company looking to enhance their brand image. Additionally, acrylic signs can be used in a variety of ways within the workplace, from displaying important information to guiding employees and visitors through the space.

Some of the most popular applications of acrylic as impactful indoor signs for workplaces in Baltimore, MD are listed below.

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Wall Displays

Acrylic signs have become an increasingly popular addition to office spaces, particularly when creating impactful wall displays. Whether it's a timeline wall, core value wall, inspiration wall, mission statement wall, or donor wall, acrylic signs provide a sleek and polished look that commands attention. These signs can be customized with any message, logo, or design, and are available in a range of colors and sizes. Not only do acrylic signs add aesthetic value to a space, but they also serve as a powerful tool for communicating important messages and values to employees and visitors alike. With their versatility and durability, it's no wonder why acrylic signs have become a staple in today's modern office spaces.

Dimensional Letters

Acrylic is a versatile material that has proven to be a game-changer in the interior design industry, particularly in creating dimensional lettering for corporate interior spaces. This material, which is lightweight and durable, has gained popularity due to its ability to mimic the aesthetics of glass, yet without its fragile nature and cost. Acrylic letters can be custom-crafted to any shape or size, making them ideal for attention-grabbing, large-format signage. Acrylic letters can also be precision-cut and seamlessly polished to achieve a distinct finish. With its limitless design possibilities and ease of installation, acrylic lettering is a no-brainer option for businesses looking to make a bold statement within their interior spaces.

Standoff Mounted Signs

When it comes to acrylic signs, there are a variety of mounting options available. One of the most popular choices is the standoff mount, which not only provides a sturdy hold but also creates a dynamic and visual effect. Standoff mounts are small metal spacers that attach to the wall and hold the acrylic sign away from the surface. This gives the sign a three-dimensional depth, making it stand out and catch the eye of passersby. It also creates a shadow effect, depending on the lighting, which can add a sophisticated touch to the overall design. By choosing standoff mounts for your acrylic signs, you're not only ensuring durability but also adding an element of style and visual appeal.

Lobby Signs

Acrylic is a versatile material that is widely used in the manufacturing of impactful lobby signs. This material is known for its clarity and durability, making it perfect for creating custom signs that can withstand heavy use and foot traffic. Acrylic signs can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing businesses to create a sign that accurately represents their brand and catches the eye of potential customers. Additionally, acrylic signs can be illuminated from behind with LED backlighting to create a visually striking effect that can grab the attention of anyone passing by. With its elegant look and endless design possibilities, acrylic is a great choice for those looking to make a statement with their lobby signage.

Office Signs

Acrylic, a versatile and durable material, has been the go-to choice for many interior office signs owing to its ability to add a touch of sophistication to workplace interiors. It is also a popular option since acrylic signs can easily be customized to suit any workplace interior. They help to enhance brand identity, reinforce corporate culture, and convey important information, all while contributing to the overall aesthetics of the workspace. These signs are especially useful in maintaining a professional and organized office environment, as they can be used to label different departments, convey safety information, and exhibit company achievements. Acrylic signs are also ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and visitors to your office, as they provide a polished and refined look that can help to make an excellent first impression on anyone who walks through your doors.

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Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays to Make Your Acrylic Signs?

Heritage Signs & Displays is a leading commercial signage company and veteran-owned local business, proudly serving clients since 1977. Since our founding, we have achieved a well-earned reputation of excellence that has spread throughout Baltimore and the rest of Maryland. We specialize in the creation and installation of experiential graphics, custom signs, and trade show displays, as well as providing commercial printing solutions. We are well known for not only the high quality of our work but also our fast turnaround speed and our steadfast commitment to customer service. We have received hundreds of 5-star reviews and industry awards for the acrylic signs we have fabricated and installed.

Acrylic Signs in Baltimore, MD

Our Commitment to Customer Service and Excellent Work

The Heritage signage team makes the process easy for you, from the first conversation you have with one of our project managers through installation. After we assess your specific signage needs, we take the time to visit your installation site to conduct a survey and address any changes or adjustments that need to be made before the installation takes place. We conduct measurements and offer solutions that speak to your unique corporate culture and branding. Our team collaborates with you every step of the way to create outstanding acrylic signs that fit within your budget.

Acrylic Signs in Baltimore, MD

Acrylic Signs FAQs

Yes! They are two names for the same man-made plastic substrate material.

Acrylic typically costs 4 times less than glass. Not only that, but acrylic is half the weight of glass and is 17 times more impact-resistant than glass.

It will have a glossy sheen when the second surface is printed, and a satin feel when standard printed.

Printing on the back of the sign. Second surface printing provides a deep, rich ambiance that standard can’t offer. We never charge extra for the second surface printing of any acrylic signage.

No. Though acrylic is very durable and lightweight, more than glass, it’s not invulnerable. It will crack and break if mishandled or damaged.

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