Engaging Trade Show Displays Take Your Brand to the Next Level at Events in Baltimore, MD

Every year, trade shows offer companies and organizations of all sorts the opportunity to network with each other and vie for the attention and business of their target audiences. Maryland is known for hosting many conventions and trade shows throughout the year, especially in large metropolitan areas like Baltimore. Each industry has at least one trade show, allowing members of that industry to network with each other and see how their company compares to the competition. Attractive trade show displays are what separates your business from your competitors and are an opportunity to put your best foot forward in front of potential customers.

The Branding Advantages of Trade Show Displays

If you’re planning on attending a trade show to showcase your company or organization, you might be thinking about how you want to position your brand to make it stand out from your competitors and peers. What are some of the best ways to do that? Trade show displays generate interest and opportunities for your company, turning casual interest into results. But getting your brand noticed involves a multitude of factors, including the quality of the trade show displays, how well they reflect your company’s products or purpose, the originality of your giveaway items and promotional materials, and how well your overall presentation matches the impression you want to leave on your customers. But there is no denying that, when utilized effectively, trade show displays have the power to make sure your organization is unforgettable in the eyes of other trade show attendees.

Trade show displays don’t have to just be a simple banner or booth design. They should command the room and position your brand in a way that’s unforgettable. Trade show displays can include custom signs, some informative supplemental materials such as brochures, presentation folders, or fun giveaway items. You will also want to make sure you have the necessary supplemental materials to create a lasting impression on prospective customers.

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Common Types of Trade Show Displays

Event Wall Wraps

Event wall wraps are large format prints used to cover the walls of an event space with vibrant graphics or branding. These wraps can transform any venue, creating a fully immersive environment that aligns with the event's theme or the promoter's marketing objectives. The temporary nature of wall wraps allows for easy installation and removal without causing damage to the underlying surface, offering a versatile option for event customization.

Event Window Graphics

Event window graphics utilize the glass surfaces of a venue to extend branding or decorative elements. These graphics are usually printed on perforated adhesive films that allow light to filter through while showcasing high-resolution images or marketing messages. They can be applied to the inside or outside of windows and are effective for creating visual interest, announcing events, or promoting sponsors while maintaining visibility and natural light within the space.

Event Wayfinding Signs

Direct your attendees in the right direction with signage that helps guide all that are attending your event. Wayfinding signs are an appealing and functional signage solution because they guide convention-goers and attendees around your event space while amplifying your unique branding. Directional signage not only promotes your event but can draw attention to your individual booth and help people feel at ease with where they are going.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator wraps are a unique form of advertising that transforms the exterior or interior of elevators into dynamic promotional spaces. Custom-designed wraps can be applied to the doors and walls of an elevator, presenting an opportunity to capture the attention of visitors as they travel between floors. These wraps can be temporary, making them suitable for events, hotels, or corporate buildings where specific campaigns or messages need to be highlighted during certain periods.

Fabric Backdrops

Fabric backdrops are essential components for setting the stage at events, conferences, and trade shows. They are created by printing detailed graphics on large fabric panels, which can then be hung or stretched over frames to provide a professional and visually appealing background. Fabrics are chosen for their print quality, durability, and wrinkle resistance, ensuring a clean and seamless look. These backdrops can be illuminated and are often used to convey the theme of an event or to reinforce brand identity on stage.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banner stands are a reliable way to advertise your brand in a crowded trade show. They’re portable and versatile and can help your trade show display stand out from your competitors. Retractable banners are reusable and make effective use of your vertical space while being sturdily affixed into place with stands.

Meter Boards

Meter boards serve as versatile signage options for various event-related purposes. These boards can range from temporary disposable signs to more sustainable and reusable ones. Common uses include promoting an event, product, or sponsor, and they are typically made from durable materials like gatorfoam or ultraboard, which ensure rigidity when standing. The standard sizes available can be quite large, with customizable options for the width and height to suit different display needs. Their self-standing design often incorporates custom feet for stability, making them ideal for use at tradeshows, conferences, and other promotional events.

beMatrix Frames

beMatrix frames are innovative solutions in the event and exhibit industry known for their modular and highly customizable properties. These aluminum frame systems are designed for fast assembly and disassembly, providing a seamless look for constructing exhibition stands, event structures, and displays. The versatility of beMatrix frames lies in their ability to accommodate various panel materials, such as fabric or hard panel options, and integrate seamlessly with LEDskin®, beMatrix's integrated LED technology. The reusability and flexibility of beMatrix frames allow businesses to have dynamic and environmentally friendly spaces for events.

Life Size Cut Outs

Life size cut outs are eye-catching display elements commonly used in events, retail promotions, and marketing campaigns. Made to represent characters, celebrities, products, or branding elements, these cutouts are printed on sturdy materials and can be customized to life-size proportions for an impactful visual presence. They serve as interactive elements within an event space, allowing attendees to engage with the display, often becoming photo opportunities that enhance social media sharing and brand visibility.

Event Towers

Event towers are vertical structures designed to provide high visibility in event settings. They stand tall amidst event crowds, making them effective tools for wayfinding or showcasing branding and advertising messages. These towers are usually constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, allowing for easy transport and assembly. Often illuminated and featuring bold graphics, event towers serve as landmarks within event venues, attracting attention and guiding visitors throughout the space.

Event Floor Graphics

Event floor graphics are specialized decals applied directly to the flooring of an event venue to guide attendees, promote brands, or enhance thematic décor. These graphics are printed on slip-resistant and durable materials, ensuring safety while offering a creative avenue to maximize branding areas within an event space. Floor graphics can be custom-shaped and sized, serving as directional signage, sponsor logos, or artistic designs that contribute to the overall experience of an event.

Floor Graphics

Optimize unused space with floor graphics that are customizable and versatile in their applications. Great for providing wayfinding solutions or directing your attendees to your booth; floor decals are adaptable to interior and exterior locations making them the ideal choice for a variety of events.

How Our Team Can Help Make Your Next Trade Show a Great One

Heritage Signs & Displays is the leading sign company serving clients throughout Baltimore, MD. We specialize in creating high-quality trade show signage that excites and commands attention. We have a well-earned reputation for creating trade show displays with an emphasis on craftsmanship, effective positioning of your brand, fast turnaround time, and customer service that makes us the envy of our competitors throughout Baltimore. We at Heritage Signs & Displays utilize an innovative combination of graphics, engineering, and technical experience to produce displays that are a functional aspect of your trade show presence. Our custom-made printed materials are designed to be eye-catching, memorable, and functional.

Trade Show Displays in Baltimore, MD

The Heritage Signs & Displays Trade Show Installation Process

Our team at Heritage Signs & Displays has been printing and installing trade show displays for clients in Baltimore since 1977. Our goal is to make your organization’s message leave an impact and achieve your goals. We keep your satisfaction, budget, and time at the forefront throughout the entire printing and installation process. Our project managers are here to help you take that first step. When you reach out to the Heritage team, we take the time to assess your goals, budget, and timeline for implementation so that we can give you a competitive quote. And what’s more, we install and take down your trade show displays for you! Our team has received hundreds of 5-star Google reviews from our clients because their satisfaction is our top priority with every job we do.

Trade Show Displays in Baltimore, MD

Trade Show Displays FAQs

Visibility: Enhances your event's presence and eases location-finding for attendees.

Professional Image: Reflects the organizer's commitment to a professional standard.

Longevity: Withstands various weather and handling conditions better.

Customization Options: Supports brand or theme alignment through tailored designs.

Memorable Impact: Leaves a positive, lasting impression on participants.

Trade show displays offer numerous functions within event spaces:

Navigation Aid: Assists with efficient movement to and throughout the venue.

Program Details: Indicates specific event timing and locations.

Safety Information: Marks emergency-related points like exits and medical stations.

Branding Opportunity: Offers visibility for sponsors and brand representation.

Trade show displays intensify interior branding by incorporating key brand elements such as logos and color schemes throughout the venue. Trade show displays also create a branded environment that engages attendees while visually narrating your brand’s mission, products, or services.

While installation complexity varies by sign type and mounting technique, many trade show displays are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable for straightforward setup. Some trade show displays have a modular design, which means that they have separate pieces that can be assembled quickly and efficiently. Our team of sign installation experts ensures that your trade show displays are set up and dismantled professionally, contributing to the smooth operation of your event.

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