Heritage Printing & Graphics Mission:

Blessing others by creating quality visual communication solutions utilizing best production practices and superior customer support.

Our Core Values

We are constantly looking for a better way. We will research and explore ways to improve our customer’s final product while operating our company more efficiently. We will adopt best practices in all areas of the company that make measurable and tangible improvements to our systems, methods and products.

Quality of Work
We seek to provide award winning production processes that comes by tackling each project with a focus on attention to detail. Our objective is to ensure that our customers are highly satisfied with the results of our craftsmanship and the benefit it provides to enhance their brand.

Teamwork and Collaboration
We will maintain an environment that encourages teamwork to fulfill the company’s mission statement.  We will proactively provide and utilize the talent and resources available to bring the best value and solutions to our customers. 

Exceptional Customer Service
We treat every interaction with our customers as an opportunity to earn a lasting relationship that offers real value to both parties. Each member of our team is empowered to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with each experience with our company. 

Be Profitable as a Company
We strive to achieve and maintain the highest degree of efficiency in the operation of our business. This enables us to proactively invest in new technologies, facilities, inventory and our employees.

Life Balance
We believe that pursuing a proper balance between growing as a professional and the nurturing of our families makes for a more meaningful and satisfying life. We seek to honor God in all that we do and believe in caring for our mind, body and spirit in a healthy way.

Sense of Urgency
We are highly responsive. We go the extra mile as a matter of usual practice. We will be the first to respond to an opportunity, call back with an answer and extend a thank you. Each member of our team is empowered to do whatever is necessary to honor our commitments in a timely manner.

We Listen
The ability to listen is a skill we cherish. We respect other’s opinions and encourage individual expression. We ask thoughtful questions to better understand the needs of our customers and teammates. We then offer targeted solutions to resolve their challenges.

Honor our Commitments
We do everything we can do to honor the commitments we make to our customers, employees and vendors. It is critical that we always fully consider and consult with all vested parties to ensure we can meet or exceed the expectations of the commitments we make. 

Attract, Develop and Retain the Best People
We rigorously pursue ways to attract, develop and retain people who are creative, experienced, transparent, enthusiastic and motivated to improve their results every day. 

Value of the Individual
We recognize that God created each of us uniquely and that we each bring a special value to the team and our customers. The diversity of talent, backgrounds, and interests within our company makes us a stronger, better and more prosperous organization. 

A Standard of Excellence
How we are perceived in the market is of paramount importance. Our reputation calls for us to deliver and maintain the highest standards of excellence.

Updated January 23, 2018