Elevator Wraps Enhance Business and Event Environments in Washington, DC

Washington, DC businesses and organizations have a tremendous need for elevators to transport customers, employees, and pedestrians through multiple levels of corporate interior spaces. Elevator wraps are an ideal branding vehicle for companies, non-profits, and other DC organizations because they are so widely used and even necessary for multi-leveled buildings. If your company or brand faces the public often, elevator wraps present an immense opportunity to have your products, services, and messaging seen by your target audience when they use the elevator. Heritage Signs & Displays specializes in creating and installing elevator wraps in Washington, DC that are designed to communicate your company’s messaging and imagery in a visually immersive way.

What Is an Elevator Wrap?

Elevator wraps are adhesive vinyl graphics applied to elevator doors to better brand the floors that the elevators visit. When combined with wall wraps that intersect with the elevator doors, or even the surrounding ceilings and floors, elevator wraps create a singular branding experience that catches the eye of everyone using the elevators. Elevator wraps can be applied to the interior of the elevator as well as the exterior, so your branding can be seen by more potential customers as they’re moving from one floor to another. The adhesive vinyl graphics our team prints and install are intended to last and withstand regular use, ensuring that your branding endures and makes the transformative impact you intend. Elevator wraps allow your messaging to target potential customers where they regularly congregate, so they’re an ideal opportunity to leave a lasting impression and turn initial interest into recurring sales.

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Elevator Wraps as Effective Branding Tools in Interior Spaces

Elevator wraps have emerged as a powerful tool for branding interior spaces. They offer an unconventional and visually engaging medium to showcase the ethos of an event or brand to its attendees. The wraps can be tailored to reflect branding, from logos to thematic designs, enhancing brand visibility and creating a unified aesthetic across the venue. Given that elevators are frequently used areas, wraps ensure the branding message is seen by a broad audience multiple times during the event. This repeated exposure fosters brand recall, positioning elevator wraps as an effective instrument for branding interior spaces.

Custom Print & Cut Elevator Wraps in Washington, DC

We Custom Print and Cut Elevator Wraps to Fit Your Space

Our commercial interior graphics specialists have perfected the art of wide-format printing and installing elevator wraps seamlessly. Our goal with every wrap we install is to prevent creasing, folding, bubbling, and damage to the installation site. We have decades of experience custom cutting and printing elevator wraps using our state-of-the-art wide format printing technology. We install your elevator wraps with care to make sure that customers and employees experiencing your graphics are met with an immersive, transformative branding experience that enhances your office space.

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Elevator Wraps Boost Workplace Interior Aesthetics

Elevator wraps are revolutionizing office interior design by transforming overlooked spaces into impressive visual attractions. These wraps, showcasing company branding, motivational messages, or attractive designs, add a refreshing and intriguing feature to office interiors. They can reinforce the company's ethos, celebrate accomplishments, or simply break the monotony of regular office decoration. With their easy-to-change feature, elevator wraps ensure the workplace environment stays dynamic and engaging. By enhancing visual appeal, these wraps not only uplift the aesthetics of the workspace but also foster a more inspiring and stimulating work ambiance.

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Elevator Wraps Are Effective Branding Tools for Event Spaces with Practical Uses

Elevator wraps have gained significant popularity in Washington, DC, as a tool for branding event spaces, offering businesses a chance to engage event attendees from the moment they step into the elevator. Due to their adaptability, these wraps have become an essential element for companies aiming to create a memorable impact and boost brand recognition. The elevator doors provide an excellent space for displaying company logos, marketing messages, and other promotional material. By wrapping elevator doors, businesses can craft a comprehensive brand experience for both visitors and event staff.

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Why You Should Choose Heritage Signs & Displays to Make Your Elevator Wraps

Heritage Signs & Displays uses the latest in wide format printing technology to create award-winning elevator wraps as well as commercial printing, commercial interior graphics, custom signs, and trade show displays for companies and organizations in the Washington, DC area. We are a veteran-owned business native to the nation’s capital and have been in business since 1977. We have garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews and numerous industry awards for our work. We strive to provide every client with our trademark commitment to excellent work and outstanding customer service at every stage of the sign creation process, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

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We Have Made the Interior Graphics Creation Process Straightforward and Simple

Creating your new elevator wraps with Heritage Signs & Displays couldn’t be simpler. From the moment a member of your team calls us, we make the sign creation or commercial printing process transparent, comprehensive, and helpful every step of the way. We put you in contact with one of our experienced project managers, who will assess your project scope, budget, and timeline for completion. We will conduct an onsite survey to take measurements and address any concerns you may have before we send the final invoice for approval. When we install your signage, we do so with minimal disruption to your workday and with special care given to installing the new signage and safely removing any existing signage from the installation surface. We address such concerns as sunlight exposure, humidity, foot traffic, and normal wear and tear that a sign or graphic may potentially be exposed to over time to ensure that your sign is built to last.

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Elevator Wraps FAQs

Elevator wraps offer an innovative and visually compelling method to spruce up elevators in buildings or office lobbies. They can transform a dull area into a welcoming and custom space. Moreover, they are a budget-friendly alternative compared to extensive refurbishments and can be conveniently swapped out as needed.

Elevator wraps are fabricated from adhesive vinyl, a substance renowned for its durability and superior resistance against wear and tear. They are also waterproof and resistant to UV rays, ensuring their colors stay vibrant even when subjected to direct sunlight or dampness.

Proper care of your elevator wrap is crucial for its lifespan. Refrain from touching the wrap directly to avoid potential damage or rips. Use a clean cloth and water to gently wipe off any dust or dirt buildup, helping to maintain its sharpness and color intensity. It's advisable to steer clear of harsh cleaning agents as they may lead to discoloration or fading.

The process to install elevator wraps is generally straightforward and can be done within a few hours. However, the exact duration may differ based on the size and intricacy of the wrap, but having two installers can accelerate the process. It's crucial to have a skilled professional or team supervising the installation to ensure accuracy and safety.

Indeed, elevator wraps can be safely removed without inflicting any harm to the underlying surface. This facilitates easy design alterations or updates if you decide to change your design later on. The removal should be performed by a proficient professional to guarantee safe and correct removal.

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