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How many times have you walked down a street looking in storefronts to find yourself looking at a diner eating their meal and feel as if you have violated their space or seen an office that was not in a proper state of repair or unkept that left you with a bad impression.

Now imagine those same storefronts with attractive vinyl window graphics applied to the glass that limits the view into the establishment with picture of a product, information about a sale or a compelling visual graphic with cheerful and engaging colors that gain your attention and draw you into wanting to go into that business instead of walking by it without a second thought.

That's the power and influence of window graphics.

What are Window Graphics?

Window graphics are stickers, decals or clings made from adhesive vinyl that feature your choice of imagery. They're custom printed so you can use them to enhance your branding, communicate with your audience or just add visual interest to an interior or exterior glass window or partition. Most importantly, they make your window space work for your goals.

Benefits of Window Graphics

Strengthen your Branding

Every element of design in your space says something about your brand. With plain glass windows, you have no control over what your employees or visitors see. Window graphics let you choose exactly what you want to put in that prominent position while providing a great deal of privacy for those on the other side.

You can install a wall wrap almost anywhere. Interior custom printed wallpaper can brighten your office space or add significantly to the branding of your conference room, meeting area or lobby. An exterior wall wrap has the power to make your storefront stand out, even in the most crowded plaza.

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Engage and Inform

If you serve the public, you know how important it is to offer key information in an easily accessible place. Window decals let you communicate what you need people to know:

  • Opening and closing times
  • Company phone number and website
  • Parking directions
  • Special offer details
  • Upcoming events
  • Company mission statement and core values
  • …and much more!

When the store next door uses one-size-fits-all signage, you can go one better with custom-printed decals and stickers that will attract more business to your company.

Window Graphics Washington DC

Make it Temporary or Permanent

When you're running a one-time event or a short-term promotion, you need advertising that's removable but still on-brand. If you're looking to rebrand your space or promote a special campaign Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays can help you determine just the right adhesive vinyl graphic that is right for your application.

Window graphics let you decorate your glass surfaces on a temporary or permanent basis, whichever suits your needs.

Change up Your Look

Sooner or later, an existing display or graphic will blend into the proverbial woodwork. Keep your space interesting by adding removable window graphics that you can update whenever you have a new product, exciting sale or upcoming event or campaign.

Window decals make decorating for the season or sales program easy as well. Simply peel off last season's decoration and stick on a new one!

Window Graphics in Alexandria VA

Make an Impression

People walk by your space every day, often more than once. They won't necessarily walk in the first time, or even the second or third time, but what they see makes an impression.

Plain windows does not attract attention, but a storefront with compelling window graphics make a powerful impression. They help you to convey your brand identity in an engaging and memorable manner so that people remember who you are and consider purchasing from your company.

Gear the Message to the Space

Because window decals are custom-printed, we can make each one unique to meet the need of your space or situation.

Add Privacy

Sometimes you don't want your clients or team members to be visible to anyone who walks by. Window graphics using window perf vinyl give you a a greater degree of privacy without sacrificing the natural light and visibility that the window itself provides.

Be Energy Efficient

When the sun's rays stream in through your window, it can overload your cooling system. Window graphics help to keep that extra heat out and reduce your climate control spending.

Window Graphics Washington DC

Things to Consider When Ordering Window Graphics

At Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, we custom design every window graphic to suit your needs. The more you can tell us about your application and need, the better. Here are some things we'd like to know when we come in to your business to do a site survey:

Number of Windows

  • How many windows do you want to decorate?


  • How big are your windows?
  • How much of the window do you want the graphic to fill?
  • What local zoning restrictions may apply to your exterior window graphic capability?


  • What message do you want your window graphics to convey?
  • Do you want a photo? Your logo? Some text? Some other creative graphic or image?
  • Do you have a specific color scheme or brand colors in mind?
Window Graphics Alexandria VA


  • Which windows need some energy?
  • Where do you have too much light coming in?
  • Where do your people need more privacy?

Interior/Exterior Window Graphics

  • Do you want to catch the attention of people on the street?
  • Do you want more privacy but be able to see out of the window?
  • Are you wanting to continue the branding being used on other walls or displays in the storefront or space being looked at?

Window Graphics Lifespan

  • Do you need removable window graphics for a one-time event?
  • Do you need repositionable window decals?
  • Or do you want it to last as long as you stay in the space?
Window Graphics Fairfax VA


  • Do you prefer a more gloss or matte look?
  • Opaque or translucent?
  • Textured or untextured?

Your Goals

  • What are you trying to communicate to the viewer of the window graphic?
  • What type of budget do you have to complete this project?
  • What kind of response are you looking for (come inside, go to a website, call for tickets, feel more connected to your brand) when seen?

The more information we understand your objects the better we can do at designing, producing and installing window graphics that meet your goals and objectives.

Window Graphics Washington DC

Types of Window Graphics

  • Storefront window graphics – we create amazing window graphics for retail storefronts that will attract new potential clients to your place of business.
  • Vehicle window decals for commercial fleets – Enhance your brand everywhere your your trucks, vans and vehicles go to deliver your products and services. Your vehicles are mobile and stationery billboards. Wherever they go you brand is being represented to new and existing clients.
  • Custom-cut lettering – meet USDOT requirements with custom cut lettering that will share the necessary information required by the Department of Transportation on all large transport vehicles
  • Window wall Wraps – We can help you create large graphics that spread across the entire window system to grab the attention of all who are in seeing distance. With window perf vinyl you will be able to see through and out of the space knowing exactly what is happening on the other side.
Window Graphics Alexandria VA

Choosing the perfect printer

There are plenty of graphics printers and sign companies that sell window graphics, but not all of them will give you the final results or the positive customer experience you are looking for. To make sure you get what you need, talk with one of our amazing customer account specialist about how our process works, what the timeline will be, and what technology and materials we will use to complete your project successfully.

Here's how we do things at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays.

Window Graphics Alexandria VA

Our Process

  1. Once you let us know of your need we will have a member of our team come out to your location and measure the windows and other surfaces that you would like to have window graphics applied to.
  2. We will consider a wide variety of variables that may affect the final results of your project like room temperature, moisture, sunlight, heat or cold, traffic, unusual wear possibilities (sometimes environments with the presence of children or pets like to peal), lick or write on the window graphic given the opportunity.
  3. We then create a proposal with timeline based on your needs and specifications. When the final product is ready, we will schedule a time to come in at your convenience. At that appointment, our professionals will install your graphics.
  4. You will smile with great satisfaction and pleasure!
Window Graphics Washington DC

Window Graphics Timeline

We're committed to making sure that your vinyl window graphics are printed and installed when you need them. As a local source of custom window graphics in Washington DC and Charlotte NC we are able to make the project timeline suit you – not the other way around.

Our Window Graphics Technology

We use large-scale vinyl printing technology to create custom window perf, decals, graphics, displays and murals to your specifications. We have several printing technologies that allow us to produce vinyl window graphics that will meet your specific need and purpose. We print your custom vinyl decals using high-quality UV curable or latex inks on state of the art equipment. We will insure that your brand colors match exactly the way that you need them to insure your brand integrity.

Window Graphics Alexandria VA

Why Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays?

The quality of our custom window graphics are matched only by our commitment to exceptional customer service and support. Our attention to detail is driven by a desire to exceed your expectations at every stage of the process.

We create and print all of our window graphics at our production facilities in either the Washington DC or Charlotte NC that will give you the best result in the time frame required. We seek to offer you a truly collaborative experience as we dialog with you and your team members to provide the very finest results in a cost-effective way. We have a staff of expert installers that can visit your site and install your custom window graphics for you. Whenever you have questions about the process or result they will be happy to get you the information you need to insure your complete satisfaction.

Don't trust your branding to a bargain online printer who you never see or speak to. We're local to your community and can provide you with just the right solution to meet your window graphic need.

Window Graphics Washington DC

Expedited Services

We know how fast business moves in Washington, DC and Charlotte NC. Whenever you need a rush order on custom window graphics or any other type of surface, we make sure we get it done in time. Our expedited orders come from the same expert designers and installers as any other order. We never sacrifice quality for speed.

Window Graphics FAQ's

1. Are the graphics removable or will they damage the window?

We produce window graphics that you can reposition, remove and replace as you need. No damage or wear to your windows at all!

2. Do you offer custom sizing and dimensions?

Yes, we do! We will measure each of your window surfaces to make sure that we create and install vinyl graphics that will fit your windows just right. In some cases yes, but in most case we would strongly advise not to try it. Although our expert installation team members make it look easy, it has taken them years of experience to make your wall wrap installation look great quickly and efficiently right before your eyes.

Window Graphics in Washington DC
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