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Have a 3-Dimentional effect with an Interior Wallscapes from Heritage Printing

Interior Wall Graphics and Dimensional Wallscapes

Imagine a space that's a work of art and a strong branding message. No space left wasted – white space used strategically, not as a default “neutral.” Walls pop with larger-than-life messages that are too engaging to be called advertisements. They're true branding experiences, rich with photos, graphics and text.

These are the types of experiences we call wallscapes and others may call wall murals or wall displays.

What is a Wallscape?

A wallscape is a custom-designed statement for your indoor or outdoor space. Through advanced design and printing technology, it turns even the dullest wall into something that stops people in their tracks.

Wallscape design is fully customized to the needs of the brand. A corporate logo come to life, an inspiring landscape or a mission statement made vibrantly alive... all of it is possible.

Wallscapes can be 2D, 3D and even interactive wall displays. They're suitable for spaces of any size, from a small conference room to an exhibit hall or the side of a masonry wall building or water tower. When well-designed, a great wall display excites without overwhelming and inform while entertaining.

Wallscapes are typically layered wall murals with a variety of techniques from vinyl wall graphics to dimensional lettering or custom cut shapes using metal, acrylic, plastic or wood materials to backlit LED lighting and standoff mounts. We will work with you to come up with a wallscape that will meet your unique brand requirements and desires.

Benefits of Wallscapes

A wallscape takes blank space and makes it communicate in an effective way. It turns an otherwise boring and unremarkable space and turn it into:

A scenic getaway

Because wallscapes cover so much space, we can use them to create entire landscapes. Got a team that's tired of being surrounded by white and beige? We can turn those walls into a tropical beach, a mountain vista or a relaxing water garden.

A mission statement brought to life

Need a wall design for an office space? Picture your vision for company success depicted at a strategic location in your building where every visitor and employee will see and be reminded why the work for or do business with your company. Wallscapes use graphics, photos and text to tell the world what you're about and why you are different and should do business with you!

A multi-sensory experience

Unlike most other commercial interior wall designs, wallscapes can be made three-dimensional. Adding dimensional elements engages the senses in completely new ways to attract the viewer to what to experience it in a more intimate way. It is perfect for an educational space, an exhibit hall or anywhere else that you want to engage others with your message or brand.

Important Things to Consider

There's no question – custom orders require a lot more attention to detail and is subject to the possibility of problems happening along the way. We go out of our way to help you avoid the landmines that can derail your project before it is completed. Here are some of the most important ones when you're designing commercial wallscapes.


A wallscape can cover one wall or more walls or surfaces or spaces. It can go edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner or hang strategically just where you need it. Full considering the dimension of your available space will help allow a wallscape make the right impact – not too much, not too little.


The surface is just as important as the design. We use a variety of materials, from foam core to fabric to textured vinyl wall graphics, to make sure that every wallscape has the finishing touch that makes it stand out.


Wallscapes are attention-getting – it's why they exist. Where in your facility to place a wallscape to be most impactful is an important consideration? Popular choices include:

  • Main lobbies
  • Elevator bays
  • Conference rooms
  • Exhibit or lecture halls
  • Classrooms
  • Presentation spaces
  • Break rooms
  • Production spaces

3D and Interactive Elements

The dimensional elements are what make wallscapes truly unique. It's important to use them not just for their own sake, but in ways and places that they will be truly impactful. Consider:

  • Shapes that pop out here and there, drawing the eye to important messages

  • A 3D logo to help the brand literally stand out

  • Scenic elements that make a landscape come to life

  • Touchable elements – make an interior wallscape into an activity

  • Unique elements and visuals that encourage visitors to take photos and share on social media

Goal of the Wallscape

Always remember that a wallscape is a tool, whether it's used for outreach or internal morale-building. Popular functions include:

Temporary or Permanent?

Wallscapes can work for events, campaigns, or long-term decoration and signage. The design and construction considerations are different in all cases.

Types of Products

At Heritage Printing & Graphics in Washington DC and Charlotte NC, we use high-quality materials including acrylics, styrene, foam core, PVC and fabric. We can make just about any 3D or 2D interior wallscape that our clients can imagine, from corporate office interior design to conference signage.

Choosing the Right Printer for the job.

When you're designing something that will feature your company image so prominently, utilizing the right company to design, produce and install the wallscape is critically important. You want to learn everything you can about what to expect from your printer, so here's what you get from Heritage Printing & Graphics.

Our Process

  • We start with a site visit to discuss:
  • Your goals for the wallscape.

    Where you may want to place it

    How your wallscape relates to your overall facility development goals

    Your budget

    Any other related projects, including those that might require wall décor

  • Once we have a picture of your project, we create a proposal that includes a timeline for completion.
  • We work with you to refine your design.
  • We create the final print.
  • We schedule a time for installation.
  • You smile with a great deal of satisfaction that your vision for this project was met without any drama.


We can handle regular and rush projects. We've been local to Washington, DC and Charlotte NC for years, so we understand the marketplace and know how to handle urgent needs without sacrificing quality.


We use large-format printers and cutting devises that allow us to print visually compelling wallscapes and graphics that will get your project the attention you were hoping for. Because our customer account specialists have graphic design and production experience you will find that they are able to offer amazing advise that allow for you to get the very finest final product at prices that are very affordable and free the landmines that often occur at other companies.

Why Heritage Printing?

We put a positive customer experience above all else.

Our clients enjoy a collaborative relationship all the way through the project, from inception to installation and beyond, and we're always here to answer questions.

We're in your neighborhood.

We work on a nationwide scale, but we're first and foremost a local service provider with production facilities and install teams in the Washington DC and Charlotte NC marketplaces. As such, we provide:

  • Personalized service, informed by a knowledge of the local market
  • Attention to detail in all aspects of design and printing
  • Fast delivery
  • Expert installation of your interior wallscape

Sure, there are cheaper options out there, most of them from online-only sellers. You get what you pay for with these – a quick print, shipped to your door, leaving you to figure out how to install something that you have no expertise in.

We're different. We take great pride in the interior wallscapes that we produce and install for our businesses in our communities. We're planning to be a valued part of this business community for years to come, and our work reflects that expectation.

Expedited Services

Things move fast in DC and Charlotte. If you need an expedited custom commercial wall design we can deliver. Our graphic artists and installers pay the same attention to all products, expedited or not. Whether you have an important client on their way or an event launching soon, we can help you put your best foot forward.

Wallscape FAQs

1How long does a wallscape last?
Our interior wallscapes can be permanent or semi-permanent decor, while still being fully removable, or they can temporary pieces for campaigns and events. Each one is made to suit your project needs. It will last as long as you need them to.
2Can Heritage help design the wallscape?
Yes, we can! You know your business – we know custom interior business design. We'll help you finalize a design that will be attractive, effective and just right for your brand.
3Will Heritage install the wallscape elements?
Of course, we will! Your plate is already full so you don’t need to be looking for a separate installer for the project. At Heritage Printing & Graphics in Washington DC and Charlotte NC we offer turnkey solutions to design, produce and install your wallscape displays and wall murals without drama or headache. Our expert installers will be there on time with your custom interior wall design being completed by the time they leave.

Create a Unique experience with a custom interior wallscapes from Heritage Printing

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: During this COVID-19 crisis we continue to receive orders and produce work for our clients while taking every precaution to keep our employees safe.

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