We Specialize in Timely Sign Installation Services in Washington, DC Metro Area

Washington, DC is a busy place. Private and public organizations often find themselves in need of new signage to update existing brand initiatives, draw attention to a new event, or anything else that requires attracting the eyes of potential audiences. That’s why having a team of professional sign installers to handle custom signage that’s unique and attention-grabbing is essential for all companies who wish to be noticed in and around our nation’s capital.

Heritage Signs & Displays has been a leading provider of signs and displays in the Washington, DC area since we first opened our doors in 1977. We’re a proud veteran-owned company and we have a history of installing high-quality custom signs and displays that we create from one of our printing facilities. Our clients have included businesses large and small, government agencies and events, embassies from countries all over the world, and many more. Whatever signage or vinyl wall and window graphics we’re assigned to create or install, our team does so in a way that’s timely, efficient, and leaves our clients overjoyed with the results!

A Team Equipped for Every Step of the Installation Process

At Heritage Signs & Displays, our team of graphic artists, printers, fabricators, and installers is equipped to handle every stage of the printing and installation process, from initial consultation all the way through completion. This means that not only do we create high-quality signage and displays using the best substrates and materials available, but the installation of all that we produce is included in the quote we provide. This way every aspect of custom sign production and installation is handled under one roof. We are well-prepared for any size project, and able to tackle jobs in the Washington, DC metro area. Most important of all, our install teams are comprised of dedicated crewmembers, highly trained to tackle any installation challenge or medium, for the products we manufacture.

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Swift and Streamlined Installation

At Heritage Signs & Displays, we adopt a swift and streamlined approach to every installation project. We understand that new signage or wall wrap installations can be disruptive—hence, our commitment to minimizing downtime. Our team respects your need to resume normal operations promptly. Rest assured, the installation of your custom signage will be conducted with careful consideration of your schedule, without compromising on our signature high-quality standards. Trust us to deliver your signage promptly and transform your space for the better.

Sign Installation in Washington, DC

State-of-the-art Installation Tools

Ever experienced a subpar custom signage installation with bubbling or crooked elements? With us, you won't have to. Our installation team leverages top-tier tools to guarantee each installation is executed flawlessly. From smoothing wrinkles and bubbles to precise measurements and durable materials, we ensure your signage stands the test of time. If you're looking to customize your sign further—with add-on features like LED lighting for an acrylic sign, for instance—our team is fully equipped to handle that too. We're here to make sure your signage reflects the uniqueness of your brand.

Sign Installation in Washington, DC

Our Experienced and Dedicated Installation Team

With decades of experience under our belt, Heritage Signs & Displays boasts a team of seasoned installers skilled in setting up event signs, trade show displays, and environmental graphics. Working in unison with our project managers, our installers strive to deliver superior results for our clients. Our excellent customer service and commitment to quality have earned us hundreds of 5-star reviews. Nothing brings us more joy than consistently exceeding our customers' expectations.

Sign Installation in Washington, DC

Our Comprehensive Installation Process

Every installation project kicks off with a consultation, where we assess your goals, timeline, budget, and any other concerns you may have. Whether you need directional signage, branding, core values, or inspirational signage, we work alongside you to craft a compelling presentation. Following a thorough site survey, our project managers develop a proposal and visual presentation for your review. Once approved, our production specialists start crafting your signage, and on the installation day, our team works swiftly and efficiently to transform your space with your new custom signs or adhesive vinyl graphics.

Sign Installation in Washington, DC

Why Install Your Signs and Graphics with Heritage Signs & Displays?

When you reach out to Heritage Signs & Displays for new custom sign creation and installation, you can count on us to deliver the very best in product quality and service right from the beginning of the process. Our project managers guide you through the initial consultation by taking a detailed assessment of your signage goals/needs, as well as potential materials to be used, your budget, timeline, and other limitations. A team of graphic artists then visits your intended installation space to take measurements and double check the needs of your lobby, showroom, retail interior, or corporate space to make sure that your new signage is installed correctly. After we put together a proposal that you approve and a final timeline for completion, our installation team puts together your new wall wrap, window graphic, display, or other custom fabrication in a timely and efficient manner. We make sure to be as unobtrusive as possible so that you can work in a reinvigorated interior!

Sign Installation in Washington, DC

Sign Installation FAQs

The ideal material for your sign installation depends on the environmental conditions. For signs exposed to direct sunlight, durable materials like metal or plastic are recommended. For less sunny areas, paper-based signs could suffice. It's always best to opt for outdoor-friendly materials to ensure longevity and visibility.

Yes, we provide comprehensive services including repairs, part replacement, and removal of old signage, in addition to installation.

The duration for sign installation varies based on the size and complexity of the sign. Standard installations typically take between one to two hours, but larger or more durable signs might require more time.

We strategically place your signs in high-visibility areas such as entrances, exits, or high-traffic zones. Our installation team uses high-quality hardware designed specifically for the material of the sign, ensuring secure mounting and minimal maintenance.

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