How can wall murals improve your office?

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Updated 11-08-18

Mural [myoor-uh] noun – a greatly enlarged image attached directly to a wall.

Attached is the key word here, how is the mural attached? Is it paint, as in graffiti, or is it faux painting for a purpose? Has it been glued to the wall or is it adhesive vinyl, either can potentially serve the same purpose. A Google search for “wall murals DC” will return numerous results for graffiti, expecting you to be interested in visiting the lambasted buildings. BUT, if you are seeking to have professionally printed and installed wall murals in your company facility, it may be 2nd or 3rd page before locating a suitable vendor.

Polysemous words are an issue for both the searcher, the vendor and believe it or not Google too. It’s difficult to understand intent, Google has gotten much better, but it’s a moving target. Why am I explaining all this on a web page intended to show examples of professionally produced wall murals? Simple, I’m trying to provide quality information on wall murals and why your search may not be what you expected to see.

Wall Murals

If this attempt to provide searchers what they seek, adhesive vinyl wall murals, then my test will have been a success, and I’ll share my experience with my network of professional internet marketers. If not, then I’ll remove these three paragraphs and try something else. I do believe honest, transparent information will produce better results than, well the opposite. – Kevin Smith, Heritage Marketing Dept.

3-dimensional wall murals will be a topic of discussion long after your client exits your office. We use 3-D photo wallpaper to create a deep and rich atmosphere, attached directly to your wall. Vinyl wall décor can be printed with any image, without the high cost of faux painting (or the mess).

Your office walls say a lot about your business, a well-placed wall art can make a measurable improvement in aesthetics, morale and culture in your office.

Break out of the traditional Wallpaper Look in your Washington, DC office, with vinyl wall art that will impress your visitors, inspire your employees and improve the professional appearance of your office with custom wall murals from Heritage Printing. Forget about expensive paint and all the hassles associated with it and re-decorate your walls the easy and affordable way, with murals!

No glue means no mess and no paint means no fumes! AND we custom print almost any art wallpaper you can imagine. Our full-color wall decorations are NOT paint, they are removable & will not hurt most walls. Our vinyl wallpaper murals can easily be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.

  • Rain Forest
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Oasis
  • Company Logos & message
Do you need some wall mural ideas? Learn more at our wall murals frequently asked questions page.

Wall Mural Pictures

Installation Services

Our turnkey services include design, print and installation. We work to fit your busy schedule, before and after hours or weekends, we install wall coverings at your convenience. Our average installation time is 2-3 hours and we never leave behind a mess. Before you make a regrettable decision to hire a painter, call us with your wall dimensions and ideas and don't be surprised if we surprise you!

Dramatically improve your office with a Wall Mural from Heritage Printing!

Customer Review via Google+

We came to Heritage with just weeks before our big event, Dine-N-Dash, with an impossible dream: to turn the National Union Building (an event venue in DC) into a pop-up exhibit showcasing our relief work in Puerto Rico. We had a wish list of custom builds and vinyls that other companies said they were unable to do in the time window, at all or without charging an astronomical price. Fortunately, I connected with Kyle who works with Heritage and he was confident that his team would be able to get everything done.

I worked with Jeff, who oversaw the project from our initial discussion to completion. Jeff was committed to making our event happen within the time-frame and budget, suggesting creative alternatives and coming up with solutions where other companies saw only problems. He provided incredibly timely updates on when we would receive proofs, and always (always!) came through on the time line and deliverables.

The design team took our concepts from basic ideas to professional looking pieces, sometimes within a matter of hours. For example, they created life-size food truck cutouts that matched the food trucks exactly, from just a picture! I was floored by how much they were able to do with so little. As a nonprofit with a small team, it felt like Heritage was the 4th member of our team - committed to making things happen, and not just treating us like another customer.

Steve was our lead installer, and was timely, professional, and kind. There was a logistical hurdle in getting one of our vinyls installed the day before, but instead of stressing me out with it not being able to happen, Steve was able to pull together additional resources to make it happen without a hitch.

All this and Heritage still came in with the best pricing by a long shot. I honestly can say that I have never been more impressed with a company's ability to deliver exactly on their promises, with above and beyond customer service and a sincere commitment to offer the best experience possible to their customers. Because of Heritage, our event wowed over 4,000 guests and provided them with an experience they'll never forget. I wish all companies had the level of commitment that Heritage did and rest assured they are my go-to people when I need any kind of printing or design elements in the future.

    Jeanette Morelan

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