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Mural [myoor-uh] noun – a greatly enlarged image attached directly to a wall.

Attached is the key word here, how is the mural attached? Is it paint, as in graffiti, or is it faux painting for a purpose? Has it been glued to the wall or is it adhesive vinyl, either can potentially serve the same purpose. A Google search for “wall murals DC” will return numerous results for graffiti, expecting you to be interested in visiting the lambasted buildings. BUT, if you are seeking to have professionally printed and installed wall murals in your company facility, it may be 2nd or 3rd page before locating a suitable vendor.

Polysemous words are an issue for both the searcher, the vendor and believe it or not Google too. It’s difficult to understand intent, Google has gotten much better, but it’s a moving target. Why am I explaining all this on a web page intended to show examples of professionally produced large wall murals? Simple, I’m trying to provide quality information on wall murals and why your search may not be what you expected to see.

If this attempt to provide searchers what they seek, adhesive vinyl wall murals, then my test will have been a success, and I’ll share my experience with my network of professional internet marketers. If not, then I’ll remove these three paragraphs and try something else. I do believe honest, transparent information will produce better results than, well the opposite. – Kevin Smith, Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays Marketing Dept.

3-dimensional wall murals will be a topic of discussion long after your client exits your office. We use 3-D photo wallpaper to create a deep and rich atmosphere, attached directly to your wall. Vinyl wall décor can be printed with any image, without the high cost of faux painting (or the mess).

Your office walls say a lot about your business, a well-placed wall art can make a measurable improvement in aesthetics, morale and culture in your office.

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Wall Murals Washington DC

Break out of the traditional Wallpaper Look in your Washington, DC office, with vinyl wall art that will impress your visitors, inspire your employees and improve the professional appearance of your office with custom wall murals from Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. Forget about expensive paint and all the hassles associated with it and re-decorate your walls the easy and affordable way, with murals!

No glue means no mess and no paint means no fumes! AND we custom print almost any art wallpaper you can imagine. Our full-color wall decorations are NOT paint, they are removable & will not hurt most walls. Our vinyl wallpaper murals can easily be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.

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Do you need some wall mural ideas? Learn more at our wall murals frequently asked questions page.

Installation Services

Our turnkey services include design, print and installation. We work to fit your busy schedule, before and after hours or weekends, we install wall coverings at your convenience. Our average installation time is 2-3 hours and we never leave behind a mess. Before you make a regrettable decision to hire a painter, call us with your wall dimensions and ideas and don't be surprised if we surprise you!

Dramatically improve your office with a Wall Mural from Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays!

Wall Murals Washington DC

Wall Murals FAQ

Our objective is to provide a fun experience, while providing outstanding visual graphics, we do that with excellent customer service. Our hope is to answer your questions here if possible, if your question is not listed, call our office and we'll provide the answer. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Yes, we can use a removable adhesive vinyl for easy removal (interior drywall applications) or a high tack for longer use (typically, textured walls or exterior applications).

No, in most cases there is no damage when using the removable adhesive vinyl products. High tack will vary pending the prior prep of the wall we installed to.

No, we are not painters. We offer full color, custom printed and installed adhesive vinyl murals.

Yes, with a little warm water and a mild detergent.

2 -3 hours in most cases (per wall and sq. footage will vary).

We work around your schedule, before and after hours, weekends and holidays if needed.

1 – 2 weeks in most cases, from the time of proof approval.

Yes, our creative services department can design any non-copyrighted image.

Yes, we can apply 1st and 2nd surface printed window graphics and interior murals on doors, conference rooms and add privacy to open floor offices.

Price is quoted according to the various needs: design, print and installation.

Customer Review via Google My Business Listing

They are amazing! The quality of the product is great, they are very reasonably priced and the service is top-notch. Nicole has repeatedly gone above and beyond for us to get our projects finished and almost always in a rush. We will use them for all of our printing needs. Thanks again!

Erin Del Signore
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