How Embassy Printing isn’t as Bad as You Think

Embassy Printing

Customer service is our number one priority, we focus on getting the project done correctly the first time, on time and on budget. We accomplish these goals with professional communication, devoted team of professionals, high-tech printing and processing facilities and dependable logistic partners.

Embassy Printing

Printing for an embassy is no different than printing for a company, we approach every project with the same enthusiasm to succeed. We are a bilingual company, speaking fluent English and Spanish. We work with embassy managers and artists from various nations and bridge the language barrier with good communication and patience. Our project coordinators work diligently to meet the specific guidelines, each embassy needs.

Embassy Printing

Publications: We utilize our network of digital and offset presses to provide cost effective, high quality printing.

  • Magazines

  • Newsletters

  • Publications

  • Marketing Materials

  • Direct Mail

Embassy Printing

Signage: Our large format printing capabilities are second to none, with fabric and vinyl printing up to 108” wide, perfect for event banners, displays and office signage.

  • Fabric Banners

  • Retractable Banners

  • Life Size Cutouts

  • Custom Displays

Embassy Printing

All-inclusive services separate us from other printers, our expertise range from conception to completion: Design, Proof, Print, Finishing and Logistics! We have complete bindery and finishing equipment including: perfect binding, saddle stitching, form cutting and gluing. We prefer not to outsource any portion of a project, thus reducing cost and providing higher quality with faster production times.

Embassy Printing

We make Embassy Printing Easy!

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing & Graphics

How to Assemble and Disassemble a Banner Stand

Complete instructions on how to setup your banner stand and how to disassemble it for your next event. Time restraints prevent us from going into extensive detail, but it’s an exceptional “How to” video.

Banner Stand Hardware

  • Feet

  • Side Poles (telescopic)

  • Support Poles (top & bottom)

  • Assembly Fasteners

  • Carrying Case


  1. Remove the hardware from the carry case

  2. Attach the feet to the side polesBanner-Stand-Feet

  3. Connect the support poles to the extensions

  4. Unroll/unfold the banner

  5. Slide a support pole into the top pole pocket of the banner and secure to the top of the side polesBanner-Stand-Side-Pole-Connection

  6. Partially extend the side poles and tighten

  7. Slide a support pole into the bottom pole pocket of the banner and secure to the bottom of the side poles

  8. Loosen the side poles and raise the banner until it’s taught


  1. Detach the bottom support pole and remove from the banner

  2. Lower the side poles

  3. Detach the top support pole and remove from the banner

  4. Disassemble the hardware and place into the carry case

  5. Roll or fold the banner for transportation/storage

Call us with questions at 888-777-9776

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Just Perfect, A children’s book by Kimberly Mohns Roberts

Just Perfect

Heritage Printing is proud to be selected to print
“Just Perfect” a children’s book by Kimberly Mohns Roberts

A cute ballerina and her mother have a life lesson to share. All too frequently girls look at themselves in the mirror and see hippo bellies or flamingo legs. The loving mother reminds her daughter that her body is just perfect.

Just Perfect

Kimberly Mohns Roberts’ works are focused on building children’s self-esteem and self-worth. As a teenager, Kimberly struggled with various bouts of depression and anxiety, which eventually led to an attempt at taking her own life. Through a combination of self- determination and family support, Kimberly slowly overcame her emotional difficulties and went on to start a successful business career. After several years of corporate life, Kimberly knew she wanted more out of her career.

Kimberly Mohns Roberts

Her book, Just Perfect, seeks to help young girls establish a positive view of themselves in a world that continually highlights flaws. Through both her literary works and public advocacy, Kimberly seeks to empower the younger generation, so fewer kids have the same experience, she did. Kimberly decided to not only create positive resources for young children, but to also donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. She is committed to supporting charities with a mission to improve children’s confidence and be a resource when they really need it.

“Kimberly’s children’s book offers an uplifting and inspiring message for our young people.” Joe Gass – Heritage Printing

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Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing