Eye-Catching Office Lobby Signs Ensure Your Brand Connects with Your Customers

The numerous companies, non-profit organizations, and institutions that populate the Washington, DC area all have lobbies where potential clients and employees enter and congregate. Because lobbies are such commonly used interior spaces, their opportunities to create a lasting impression on all who enter them cannot be understated. They are also the perfect place to ensure that your branding initiatives, upcoming products or services, mission statements, company values, company history, employees, and other important features of your business are highlighted. Lobby signs that are eye-catching, professionally installed, and represent what makes your company unique are the keys to ensuring that all who enter your space are left with a positive impression of your company and your employees.

The Elements of a Lobby Sign

Lobby signs can often mean the difference between your customers choosing your establishment over your competitors, so your lobby must leave a lasting impression to ensure that your customers do business with your company. Lobbies come in all shapes and sizes and should be customized according to your organization’s specific needs. Lobby signage can be comprised of a multitude of elements to achieve your desired effect. The most effective lobby signs utilize a combination of substrates, materials, and accessories to make your lobby represent your brand most effectively and catch the attention of your target customers. There is no end to the materials and combinations of elements that can make lobby signage that works for you and your company, but below are some common lobby signs and materials that can elevate your corporate interior space.

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Wall Wraps

The walls of your corporate interior space are a canvas on which your branding, company values, and other important information can be displayed in a way that’s captivating for all who enter your space. Wall wraps are a dependable element of lobby signage because of how endlessly customizable and versatile they are in any interior. Wall wraps made from vinyl are the easiest way to transform the walls of an entryway and create an inspiring, captivating environment for your customers and employees alike.

Window Graphics

Much like wall wraps, your storefront windows and interior glass are additional canvases on which to affix your branding, values, or messaging. Vinyl window graphics are your chance to captivate your customers with what makes your company special. Featuring your choice of imagery and text, your windows can be the first parts of your lobby that prospective customers see, so they are the perfect chance to make sure your brand leaves an unforgettable impression.

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters are an ideal solution for your company logo, slogans, values, mission statements, and upcoming promotions to leap off the wall. Made from PVC, acrylic, or other substrates, dimensional letters add the third dimension to your familiar fonts and messaging while ensuring that each letter is precision cut and affixed to your walls and interior surfaces.

Standoff Mounted Signs

Two-dimensional signs don’t have the same appeal or professionalism as three-dimensional signs. Standoff mounted signs are a way to achieve the best aspects of two-dimensional and three-dimensional signage by taking a poster, image, or logo and lifting it from the wall. Standoff mounted signs are secured to the wall or installation surface and separated by the wall by a few inches to give three-dimensional depth. Suddenly, your imagery or company values achieve all-new levels of professionalism.

Why Choose Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays to Make Your Lobby Signs?

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays has a reputation for excellence, serving companies and organizations in the Washington, DC area since 1977. We are a veteran-owned company with offices in Waldorf, MD and Charlotte, NC. We have transformed the interior spaces of clients throughout the DC area, including Bethesda, MD and Alexandria, VA among many others. Our clients have included companies, non-profits, faith-based organizations, event venues, and numerous national embassies throughout the nation’s capital. Our dream is to treat our clients with the greatest of care, customer service, and outstanding work. The signs and graphics that we have provided for businesses in the area have earned us numerous regional and national industry awards and 5-star reviews from our overjoyed clients. Our reputation for excellence drives us to give our clients the very best in interior branding and graphics.

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays in Washington, DC

The Heritage Sign Installation Process

In the decades that we have been helping clients revitalize their interior spaces, the Heritage team has developed an efficient, transparent process for creating and installing high-quality lobby signs and displays. The first step in getting your new signage made is to contact Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays to be put in contact with one of our project managers. We will assess your goals for your new lobby sign, including the materials you wish to use, your existing image assets, where you wish the signage to be installed, when the installation can be completed, and any concerns you may have about removing any previously installed signage. We will conduct an onsite survey and make sure the measurements are accurate before we install your signage quickly and efficiently with minimal interruption to your workday.

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays in Washington, DC

Contact Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays to Create Your Lobby Signs Today

If you are ready to begin the process of creating a brand new lobby sign to make your organization’s interior better than it has ever been, contact the custom sign professionals at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays today. Call our office at (202) 609-9761 to speak to one of our project managers. Or if you want to Get a Quote online, feel free to begin the process using our online form. Our team can’t wait to work with you and transform your lobby!

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