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Lenticular wall displays bring your space to life with customizable designs that show change and movement as you adjust your angle of visual engagement. Popular in corporate settings and at events, lenticular wall displays have added dimension and compelling images that change as you move to different parts of the room

3 Easy Steps to Designing a Lenticular Wall Display

  1. Choose where you want your display to be placed. Starting to think of areas in your office with plenty of space and with the most traffic, will help narrow down the placement decision. Your lenticular should be somewhere that people have space to move around and see both sides of the displays from a distance
  2. Lenticular displays allow you to have multiple images that showcase your brand. Determine two graphics with compelling images to start your process.
  3. Decide what your goal is with your Lenticular Display. Our team collaborates best with customers that have a clear goal of what they want to accomplish with their display.

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Improve your Corporate Environment

Whether you are hosting a big event or wanting to add a 3D display to your lobby, lenticular displays can enhance any corporate setting with life-like images that leave your customers intrigued.

Why stop at one image when you can have two dynamic graphics! One of the many benefits of these three-dimensional displays is the multiple images you can select for the display. Lenticular Displays give your space a unique feel as clients and employees can move around to see different words or images on your display. Lenticular displays are not only engaging to your clients, but they also leave a lasting impression.

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Show Depth and Movement

With the visual effect being a gradual change from one image to another as the viewer moves, there are two specific areas from which each image can be optimally viewed. Between those two points, you’ll see both images at varying degrees, which actually attracts your natural curiosity to walk around the display to find both images. Consider placing your display in these areas for the optimal experience:

  • Lobby
  • Large Gathering Areas
  • Events and Tradeshows

Giving your customers and employees the chance to engage with the display will create a captivating experience that makes your brand unforgettable.

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