Wall Wraps and Printed Wall Murals Make Your Business Stand Out Throughout the Capital City of DC

Washington, DC is crowded with businesses trying their hardest to be noticed. One of the most cost-effective and long-lasting ways to keep your company, organization, or government institution top of mind is with eye-catching, colorful wall graphics. Custom-printed wall wraps and wall murals transform any space into a beautiful environment that creates a positive impression in the minds of your target audience.

What Are Wall Wraps and Wall Graphics?

Wall wraps and murals are custom-printed graphics using a wide variety of removable vinyl graphic materials that come with or without texture. They can be created using your logo, photos, images, type, and other graphic elements of your choosing.

Graphics printed on adhesive vinyl make walls and windows bring the personality and power of your brand to life. Wall murals and wall displays are ideal to install at offices, retail spaces, storefronts, venues, and event centers.

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Customer Review via Google My Business Listing

I had the pleasure of working with James Zambrano on my very first graphic wall project and I could not have asked for better customer service over the six months we worked together. James was extremely knowledgable and helpful in guiding me through the process, taking away the stress of my inexperience. The installation team was just as wonderful and spent all day at our office completing the 4 different tasks we had ordered in one day. Thank you to everyone at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, and thank you, James! We will absolutely be using them again for our future projects!

Laura Hildebrand

The Benefits of Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps Help Make an Unforgettable First Impression

The first thing that potential customers see when they enter your business is the presentation in your lobby, showroom, waiting room, or entryway. Stepping foot into your business should be so much more than merely transactional. Wall wraps can help elevate their experience from a mundane or forgettable one into a memory that lasts and turns into sales.

Wall Wraps Highlight and Enhance Your Brand Identity

Studies have shown that our brains respond more positively to brands that we recognize. Installing vinyl graphics on the walls, windows, and doors in your space can help to deepen your customers’ relationship with your company, while also setting you apart from your competition.

Wall Wraps in Washington DC

Wall Wraps Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

Interior custom printed wallpaper can brighten your office space or add significantly to the branding of your conference room, meeting area, or lobby. An exterior wall wrap has the power to make your storefront stand out, even in a crowded plaza.

Wall Wraps Add Splashes of Color to Engage Your Audience

Color affects people's emotions and energy in dramatic ways. Eye-catching, dynamic wall wraps can help you to take advantage of that. A colorful wall wrap can add a spark of energy, while more subdued colors can help your employees and guests to feel calm and relaxed in your space.

Wall Wraps Washington DC

Why Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays Is Different

1. We Believe in the Power of Connection and the Value of Local Businesses

As a local source of wall wraps throughout the nation’s capital, we know the world you live in. We've been working in the fast-moving, ever-changing business atmosphere of the Mid-Atlantic region since 1977. As a veteran-owned, family-owned local business, we understand your concerns and are here to make your company shine.

2. We Only Use Top-Quality Materials

We print your custom designs using environmentally friendly UV curable and latex inks on premium-quality vinyl wallpaper. These top-tier materials are easy to install and remove from most walls, windows, and doors.

3. We Create Truly Customized Wall Wraps for Your Business

We collaborate with you from day one, from an initial conversation with a project manager to assess your needs to a complete site survey at your installation location. We deliver fast and high-quality service, using expert installers who take pride in every finished product.

Wall Wraps in Washington DC

Things to Consider

Because every wall wrap is custom made, there are many aspects of each wrap that need to be considered to make it suit your brand’s needs.

1. Size

  • How big of a wall do you want to cover?
  • Do you want the wrap to cover the entire wall or just one portion?
  • Should wall graphics and text be large, small, or somewhere in between?

2. Location

  • Where would your wall mural have the greatest impact?
  • Where will it be effective and not overwhelming?
  • How do you best present your brand, logo, or image at the entrance to your facility or venue?
  • Do you want different wraps for different locations, or would you rather keep the design the same for all locations?
Wall Wraps Washington DC

3. Interior vs. Exterior Wall Wraps

  • Are you looking to enhance your brand’s street appeal?
  • Or is your goal to create an exciting indoor atmosphere?

4. Desired Effect

Branding is just the beginning. Wall wraps can engage your audience in several ways. Would you like your wall wraps to...

  • Help event attendees or visitors find their way around?
  • Inspire people to take pictures in front of your logo or graphics?
  • Energize and excite your team?
  • Have a glossy or matte finish?
  • Jump-start a rebranding initiative or strengthen your existing brand?
  • Educate audiences about your products or services?

Whatever your intention is for your wall wrap, we can make it happen!

Wall Wraps in Washington DC

5. Timeline

If you know how long you need it to last, you have more flexibility in design.

  • Are you looking for a wall wrap that lasts for years, or at least until your company branding changes?
  • Are you looking for removable wall graphics for a one-time event or a special promotion that will be taken down in hours, days, or weeks?

The more we can learn about your goals and objectives, the better we can do at creating an amazing wall wrap that will match your vision.

Wall Wraps Washington DC

Our Technology and Our Commitment to Customer Service

At Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, we use state-of-the-art large-format printing technology that utilizes UV curable and latex ink to image your custom design on an adhesive vinyl right for your unique application. With our in-house graphic design team working together with one of our knowledgeable customer account specialists, the Heritage Printing team ensures that your wall mural is engaging and emboldens your brand.

Our promise is to always provide courteous and friendly service. Our project coordinators are experienced with the entire process of creating and installing your custom-made wall graphics. We chose experienced professionals, instead of commissioned sales staff, to help with creative wall murals.

Wall Wraps in Washington DC

Contact Our Team to Get Started

Got more questions about wall wraps or looking to get started on creating some for your company? Contact the team at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays at (202) 609-9761 or by using our Get a Quote form. We can’t wait to help bring your projects to fruition!

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