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Clear Acrylic signs are more effective than glass!

Acrylic Signs DC

Custom made acrylic signs are a quality and elegant way to show your brand or message. Heritage Printing has state of the art laser and cnc cutting machines that can create your acrylic signs or letters with precision and speed. We have direct printing and painting capabilities in both of our fabrication facilities located in Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC. We pride ourselves on high quality signs and customer service. We can make every sign by order and we encourage you to make this sign exactly what you want it to be. Our experienced project coordinators, designers and custom fabrication techs have decades of combined experience that ensures your sign will be impressive. We make interior lobby signs that command attention and radiate professionalism. Custom acrylic signs, made with standoffs to accentuate your brand, will impress your visitors, staff and executives.

Acrylic plastic substrates are made of Plexiglas, it is a very versatile, man-made material. It can be routed for lettering, etched for intricate designs, or used as a substrate for plastic signs. We offer several colors and thicknesses up to 1”. Acrylic is good for wall signs, it is sturdier than glass, at a greatly reduced weight and price, glass lobby signs can cost four times more than an acrylic sign.

Our arts department includes a collection of full-time graphic designers, we can create an original sign design, re-design an existing image or replicate existing acrylic signage. Creative is never an obstacle; our experience spans many decades of artwork. We believe in transparent communication, it helps provide a smooth and easy sign proofing and producing process.

Our UV inks adhere to the acrylic, not printed to a vinyl and attached like a decal. We provide second surface printing at no additional cost.

We make custom acrylic trophies and acrylic displays!

There are multiple methods for curve cutting acrylic. We own and operate 2 CNC routers and a laser cutter/engraver that can produce dimensional lettering from ¾” to 1” depths and precisely cut/etch any image or brand. These digital driven technologies can precisely drill the mounting holes and any custom drilling needed for lighting or layering. Customize your lobby sign with 3-D acrylic layer, LED lighting, standoff mounting and various eclectic aspects, including wood.

We offer professional installation, with a guarantee! Your sign will be installed as specified in the work order and backed by our 30-day warranty. We will fix or replace your acrylic sign if damaged, due to negligence on our part, in the manufacturing or installation.

Acrylic plastic costs much less than glass and is more durable!

Acrylic Signs Charlotte

Acrylic is the perfect substitute for glass signage, it’s more durable, cost effective and is extremely versatile. Acrylic office signs are preferred because of the professional appeal they represent. Beautiful and completely customizable, a contour cut, 3-Dimensional, stand-off lobby sign always makes that good first impression!


Acrylic is a Plexiglas material that is available in numerous full color boards. We custom print and cut 4’ x 8’ boards in thicknesses from 1/8” to 1” (in ¼” increments). Plastic signs are durable enough to use indoors or out. Outdoor use tends to shorten the lifespan due to damage from the sun and elements.


Our creative arts department can replicate your brand, design a “new look” using your brand or create an original brand for your acrylic wall signs. There is never an art issue when we design, and your files will always be securely saved for future use.

Our manufacturing process includes a variety of custom options, including standoff, double standoff, 3-D, and a variety of additional substrates (like wood) to accent the acrylic. Our design team can upfit your custom office signage with any or all of these options.


We DIP (direct image print) with Eco-friendly, UV inks to the acrylic for the immaculate look that adhesive vinyl can never provide. Brands and logos come alive on an acrylic substrate, and we guarantee to match any company color, using the provided Pantone color code.

Standard printing is DIP to the front of the sign, second surface is printing on the backside of the substrate, we easily offer both. The advantage of second surface printing on clear acrylic is the image is protected, it provides a deep, “rich” ambiance that standard can’t offer. We never charge extra for second surface printing of any acrylic signage.


Acrylic can be custom cut acrylic letters to almost any font, or image. We can laser cut fonts/images as small as ¾” to precise dimensions. Our CNC router empowers our team to manufacture acrylic displays up to 1” thick for an extremely durable custom acrylic signs. We use digital technology to exact cut to the specifications of the proof you approve. Digital manufacturing eliminates mistakes.

Etching options provide the ability to incorporate complex images, in fine detail that routing is unable to provide. Etching is excellent for creating custom made trophies.

Drilled holes for mounting is incorporated into the design. Custom hole placement available for easy and effective customization. Holes for LED lighting wires and back-lighting are examples of custom drilling.


  • Custom acrylic mounted to wood is very popular, custom finished wood or rustic, antique planks provide additional depth and an eclectic appearance.

  • We use LED lighting to highlight, backlit or project subtle light on the acrylic. Multi-colored lighting available, with remote control and a variety of strobe-like choices.

  • Multi-layered acrylic (3-D) with a choice of colors, also highlight the sign and incorporates a “remembrance” that traditional flat signs can’t replicate.

  • Standoffs available in polished and brushed aluminum, brass, clear and “hidden” with several sizes to select from.


Clear acrylic signs can be scratched and chipped or broken, if dropped, therefore we always recommend our professional installation services. In the unlikely event your sign is broken during our professional install, we will replace it free of charge. We provide a 30-day warranty for our acrylic signage installation. If it falls, we will re-install, if it breaks we will replace it.

If you choose to self-install, we provide cardboard templates to assist in the mounting process.


1What is acrylic?
A man-made plastic that is excellent for signs.
2Is acrylic shatterproof?
No, it’s a very durable and lightweight, but it will crack and break.
3What thicknesses do you offer?
We custom print and cut 4’ x 8’ boards in thicknesses from 1/8” to 1” (in ¼” increments).
4What size can my sign be?
We have 4’ x 8’ boards, any size within that configuration.
5Do you offer colored acrylic?
Yes, we have numerous colors to choose from.
6Can I drill my own holes?
We do not advise it. If you damage the sign, we can’t warranty it.
7How long will an acrylic sign last?
Life depends on the environment; outside signs will deteriorate faster than the interior. It has been reported that an acrylic sign should last a minimum of 5 years.
8Can you route and etch my design on the acrylic?
Yes, we have laser cutting and etching to recreate almost any image onto the acrylic. We also offer CNC routing and contour cutting.
9What finish will be on my acrylic sign?
It will have a glossy sheen when second surface printed, and a satin feel when standard printed.
10What is second surface printing?
Printing on the back of the sign. Second surface printing provides a deep, “rich” ambiance that standard can’t offer. We never charge extra for second surface printing of any acrylic signage.
11Do you offer layered acrylic?
Yes, we can adhere several layers together, forming a 3-D effect.
12Are the standoffs included with the sign?
Yes, all mounting hardware is included in the quote.
13Are the edges of your acrylic signs polished?
Yes, if requested.
14Is acrylic a good option for an outdoor sign?
No, acrylic can be used as outdoor signage, but will deteriorate in the harsh environment.
15Does an acrylic sign bend?
Yes, the thinner the substrate the easier it will bend.
16Do you install the sign?
Yes, we staff full-time installers. We offer after hours and weekend installation dates to accommodate any schedule.
17Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, we warranty every acrylic sign we manufacture and install for 30 days.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: During this COVID-19 crisis we continue to receive orders and produce work for our clients while taking every precaution to keep our employees safe.

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