Standoff Mounted Signs in Washington DC, Alexandria VA & Bethesda MD

Standoff Mounted Signs are custom signs of any kind mounted to a wall using specialized hardware that allows the sign to “stand off” the wall. This method of installation greatly improves the aesthetics of any sign installation by giving it an obvious professional and elegant appeal. The distance from the wall is commonly 1” but this can easily be manipulated using different sized standoffs. There are many standoff styles to choose from and some serve an individual purpose that others do not. For example, there are tamper resistant standoffs that require an alum key for tightening and loosening the standoffs that are great for public areas where tampering may be an issue. Another example are hidden standoffs that are not visible from the face of the sign, these are adhered to the reverse of a sign and the wall and snap together by applying pressure to the face of the sign. Other variations are mostly accommodate aesthetics, size or distance from the wall. Standoffs can be used to create layered sign elements as well by using varying sizes to accommodate the different distances required for a seamless and level installation.

The standoff hardware itself is comprised of a barrel and a cap. For standard standoffs the barrel is a cylinder which has a hole for a screw in the center on one side and a large threaded hole on the other end to receive the cap. The cap looks like a large bolt with a polished or textured head. The sign that is being mounted this way will have holes to accommodate this large bolt, and typically are in the four corners or a rectangular signs.

The size of the sign should be considered when choosing the size of standoff to be used, there is an appropriate ratio of sign size to standoff diameter. The bigger the sign the larger diameter you will want to use so the hardware looks appropriate for the sign. The diameter of standoffs range from ¼” to 2” in ¼” increments so there is a standoff that will best suite your sign.

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Standoff Mounted Signs Washington DC

Barrel and Cap of standard standoff

Installing Standoff Mounted Signs

  1. The template, either created with cardboard or provided by the Sign Company, is lined up on the wall where the sign is intended to go. With a marker or wax pencil, marks are made to designate where to screw the barrels to the wall. Holes may be drilled to accommodate sheet rock or concrete anchors depending on the wall’s construction.
  2. The template is removed and the barrels are adhered to the wall by placing a screw into the barrel’s cap receiving end and screwed through the hole in the bottom to the wall.
  3. The sign is held in place and the caps are threaded through the holes in the sign and into the barrels on the wall and hand tightened.

This is a simplified list of steps but it is the general concept. This is just one way to use standoffs and one kind of hardware. There are other types of standoffs used for different mounting styles but the concept is very similar.

Different types of standoff hardware

  • Standard hole standoffs(like we mentioned above)
  • Edge mounted Standoffs
  • Hidden Standoffs
  • Tamper resistant Standoffs

When should standoffs be used?

This decision should be made during the design phase of your sign. There are aspects of the installation phase that should be applied to the design of your sign. If you were to use hole mounted hardware you would want to ensure no valuable design elements are at the four corners where the holes will be drilled. If you are using edge mount hardware then you’ll simply leave a small margin(this margin is at least half of the diameter of the edge mount standoff) around the perimeter of the sign. If you want to use standoffs and these considerations have been made in the design of you sign then this is a great way to improve the overall aesthetics of any sign.

Standoff Mounted Signs Washington DC

Standard Standoff

Standoff Mounted Signs Washington DC

Edge Mount Standoff

The most common signs that use this installation method are:

  • Lobby Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Wall Displays
  • Indoor Business Signs
  • Architectural Signs

When should standoffs not be used?

Under certain circumstances this installation method will not improve the quality of your sign. These are unique and uncommon circumstances, but possible. If your sign has a clear main panel and has a light angled down at its face, any elements on the sign that are not clear will cast a shadow on the wall behind the sign. This isn’t an issue unless the design of the sign has a lot of small text or a low contrast design and is close enough to the wall for the shadows to not diffuse. These shadows will make it hard to read the sign and overall diminish the aesthetics of the sign. It’s possible to mitigate this by changing the lighting or using longer standoffs to diffuse the shadows but it’s best to have these factors in mind when ordering and designing your standoff mounted sign.

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays will take into account all of these factors for you when ordering a sign from us. We have qualified and experienced project coordinators that know everything there is to consider when designing a standoff mounted sign. We are professionals and truly enjoy designing and crafting beautiful signs and providing you with the service to get your business visible and recognized. Give us a call or get started on a quote for your new sign.

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