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Being the visual creatures that we are, environmental graphics are not only helpful, but expected by the general public. When we enter a business we are open to the suggestions of the atmosphere to tell us how we should feel, where we should be and how we should interact with the environment. Some things are actually required for business environments like EXIT signs and others are expected like restroom locations. In the absence of appropriate environmental signage the occupants of the space can feel the lack of accommodation. This only grows exponentially with the size and complexity of a business when navigation or large distances require extra effort to traverse. Environmental signage like wayfinding and directional signage can play an integral role in the overall user experience.

We think of user experience as applying mostly to digital mediums like websites and mobile apps. However, before the internet existed, the user experience started in the physical world and persists with any physical business interaction. We have become accustomed to having resources to help us navigate the business for even small tasks like where to place and pick up our coffee order. Where necessity ends nuance begins and like painting a house, icing a cake, or wrapping a gift for a special occasion, some things are not complete until you have added those necessary finishing touches. Whether you're moving to a new location, finishing construction of a new office, or simply rebranding your current facility, environmental graphics play an integral role in the feeling your customers get when they visit your new and improved place of business. Like anything else presentation is everything, and you want to present your business in the best light.

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays understands the role signs and graphics play in the customer experience and has the experience and capabilities to outfit your business from floor to ceiling. From lobby signs and wall wraps to facility wide wayfinding development and implementation we have experienced project coordinators to make it all an easy and pleasant process. We pride ourselves on top notch customer service and quality visual communication products and solutions. Find out about our capabilities and how we can help you bring your brand to life in your environment. Get started with a quote or give us a call.

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