Engaging Storefront Window Graphics Enhances Business Opportunities in Washington, DC

Companies and organizations in Washington, DC with bare walls and windows are, at best, uninspiring. At worst, they turn away potential business or collaborators by not engaging your target audiences. Blank walls or bland branding do nothing for drawing in new customers or enhancing brand loyalty. One of the best ways to get your message out is to use storefront graphics designed specifically for your organization. Storefront window graphics do more to make your Washington, DC company or organization stand out than you might expect. In fact, they’re often the difference between recurring business and very little business.

What Are Storefront Graphics?

Storefront graphics are a category of signage that is intended to attract foot and vehicle traffic to a business’ entrance or lobby. These include a variety of signs, cutouts, banners, displays, and decals that are either freestanding or attached securely to a window, wall, or floor. Storefront graphics can display your brand, advertise your products, or showcase your services. They can also display your mission statement, company core values, or value propositions. Whatever your goals, storefront graphics will effectively communicate your message in a way that attracts attention.

Benefits of Storefront Graphics

Stores with colorful and attractive advertising graphics are far more likely to bring in new customers than those without storefront signage. Studies have shown that consumers:

  • Are more likely to go into a store due to appealing signage
  • Link quality signage with quality products and services
  • Would purchase a product or sign up for a service based on well-designed signage.
  • Would not enter a business if it lacked attractive storefront signage.

Attract and effectively communicate a brand to potential new clients before and after they enter a storefront business.

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I know I can always count on Heritage Printing to do a great job with my oftentimes last minute rush orders. They have attention to detail and are flexible. James especially always makes sure my order comes out exactly as intended and they will even provide installers to complete the job if needed. 10/10 would recommend

Margot Silver

There Are Several Options for Storefront Graphics

Wall Wraps

Storefront graphics come in all shapes and sizes. One of the best applications is in the form of transformative and impactful wall wraps made from adhesive vinyl. We utilize our expertise in design and installation to create wall wraps that embody your brand's identity. These high-impact visuals not only enhance your interior aesthetics but also reinforce your branding message consistently. Trust us to turn your walls into compelling brand narratives.

Lobby Graphics

Your lobby is the first point of contact for visitors to your corporate headquarters or retail space. Captivating lobby graphics helps ensure that customers’ first impression of your environment is a memorable one. We specialize in creating custom graphics that convey your brand story powerfully. Whether it's your mission statement or company history, our expert designers will translate your vision into visually stunning lobby graphics.

Window Graphics

Our window graphics are designed to turn heads and draw customers. They effectively transform your storefront windows into dynamic advertising platforms. Whether you're looking to announce a sale, promote a new product, or simply make your brand more visible, our window graphics are up to the task. Allow us to create captivating window graphics that speak volumes about your business.

Point of Purchase Displays

One of the most effective applications of storefront graphics is in the form of point of purchase displays. These displays are strategically designed to grab attention and encourage impulse purchases. Our team is adept at creating compelling point of purchase displays that highlight your products and special offers, ensuring they don't go unnoticed. Point of purchase displays enhance your customer's shopping experience and amplify your brand.

Storefront Graphics in Washington, DC

Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays for Your New Storefront Graphics?

Heritage Signs & Displays is a local, veteran-owned, and family-operated commercial printing and sign shop that has been in the business since 1977. We are experts at providing high-quality service for commercial interior graphics, trade show displays, and other custom signs. From our service and attention to detail to our quick delivery and expert installation, we take pride in our work at every step of the process. That's why Heritage Signs & Displays is your choice for superior quality and expert service. Our experienced team has earned hundreds of 5-star reviews and industry awards for the signs and graphics we have created and installed for our Washington, DC clients.

We Offer Expert Installation and State-of-the-Art Wide Format Printing Technology

We make sure that the first step of any new storefront graphics project starts with an initial consultation between our project managers and our client. During the initial meeting, we'll discuss your signage goals, your budget, and any other projects you may be thinking about to give you a variety of options for pricing and design for your space. We then typically schedule a time to come over to your facility to do a site survey which includes taking pictures, measurements, and interviewing you to determine your need, application, and expectations. Once we have a full understanding of your project, we'll create a proposal as well as a timeline for product design, production, and installation for your new signage.

Storefront Graphics in Washington, DC

Storefront Graphics FAQs

Yes, the decals are fully removable by professionals. When removing the signage, we use a razor blade and heat gun to ensure that the edges of the graphics peel up without leaving any residue. We take extra care when removing the decals as they can be fragile and tear easily if not handled with caution.

Not normally. Our storefront graphics are designed for easy removal by professionals, and they typically leave a minimal amount of residue behind as long as the walls have been properly primed and painted at least one month prior to installing the graphics.

Absolutely! We can create custom signs for any size and shape you need—just provide us with your dimensions and we’ll take care of it. Additionally, our experienced team is always on hand to answer any questions and offer advice about the best type of signage to suit your business needs. So don't hesitate to get in touch!

Yes! Our printing services use the latest in UV curable and latex printing and CNC and laser cutting technology, which ensures that we can keep up with last-minute requests and tight turnarounds. We create a custom timeline for each project to ensure you get your signage exactly when you need it. Timely production and installation of storefront graphics is our specialty.

We offer floor, window, and wall options that are equally effective in interior and exterior settings. Our custom retail window graphics and window perf do a great job of communicating brand identity while allowing you to see out without visual interference. The materials and finishes used will determine how long the graphics will last.

Want to Learn More or Get Started? Reach Out to Heritage Signs & Displays Today

The team at Heritage Signs & Displays is your one-stop shop for creating outstanding storefront graphics that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. If you’re ready to get started on your new storefront graphics, give us a call at (202) 609-9761 or Get a Quote today. Our team can’t wait to collaborate with your organization!

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