Trade Show Displays Make Your Brand Come Alive at Your Next Convention or Event in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is home to thousands of conventions, trade shows, conference, business meetings and gatherings in both the private and governmental sectors throughout the year. Businesses and government organizations need to stand out among their peers and grab potential customers’ attention. Trade shows or conventions can be effective vehicles to advertise your business or organization and distinguish it from your competitors. Trade show displays are an ideal vehicle to ensure that your brand is remembered and that your company stands out in the eyes of your target audience. Trade show displays can catch the right kind of attention at a trade show for other businesses in your industry and stand out from the crowd with the right kind of signage.

Trade Show Displays Are More Than Just a Booth

Trade show displays are more than just your organization’s name and a place to house your promotional materials. Trade show displays have the power to attract your audience and leave an impression, giving your company the power to either lead your industry or be forgotten. Trade show displays are more than just a both with your company’s name displayed. The most eye-catching trade show displays are a combination of elements including banners, brochures, table runners, event towers, and/or custom fabrications that speak to what makes your organization special.

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Common Trade Show Materials

Your brand needs to match the materials you use to ensure that your trade show display is right for your company and attracts the right kind of attention for your brand. Our team of custom signage experts can help create custom trade show displays that will make sure that your next trade show is a success. Trade show displays take on a variety of forms and can include additional elements, such as:

Common Trade Show Materials in Washington, DC


Backdrops can be made of fabric, vinyl, or mesh and can serve a variety of purposes, including providing photo opportunities, displaying your company logo or your sponsors’ logos, or highlighting an upcoming product or event from your business. Backdrops can also be the first aspect of your custom trade show display that your potential customers see, so they shouldn’t be forgotten about as you construct your new display.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are a dependable advertising vehicle for both indoor and outdoor events. They’re portable, durable, and reusable. Plus, they’re easy to assemble and can be set up right alongside your main booth at a trade show, so they’re a worthy consideration to help complete your trade show display.

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are an ideal way to not only boost your company’s brand, but encourage people to take photo opportunities in front of your brand. If your company is sponsoring an event, a step and repeat banner can be a particularly effective piece of advertising since your brand will be seen by virtually all of the attendees at an event.

Meter Boards

Meter boards are effective, freestanding temporary signage that can work for both indoor and outdoor events. When utilized effectively, meter boards can be the extra ingredient that takes your trade show display to the next level!

Event Towers

Event towers have maintained an enduring appeal at trade shows and conventions because of their ability to provide messaging and imagery for your company from multiple angles while being judicious with space and materials. Event towers can be both large and small, and since they are highly customizable, they can be an effective component of your custom trade show display.

Wayfinding Signage

If you’re able to install wayfinding signage throughout a convention hall, hotel space, or other meeting areas to advertise your business or direct potential customers to your booth, temporary signage can be a perfect addition to your trade show display setup. Depending on whether your company is a sponsor of the convention itself or is involved in a larger capacity, wayfinding signage can be another effective branding opportunity.

Why Choose Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays to Make Your Trade Show Displays?

At Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, we utilize an inventive combination of graphics, custom design production, and mechanical proficiency, together with superior materials to scope, create, and mount custom exhibits and advertising trade show backdrops. We are a local, verified veteran-owned small business, servicing companies and organizations in and around the Washington, DC area, including Alexandria, VA, National Harbor and Bethesda, MD. We have decades of experience serving the outstanding people and businesses in this area and it’s our goal for each of our clients to be remembered at the trade shows and conventions that come to DC every year. What’s more, we make sure that each of our clients receives our trademark 5-star treatment!

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How to Get Started with Creating Your New Trade Show Display

The goal of the Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays team is to create custom trade show displays that make your company’s messaging matter. Our project managers are here to help you take that first step. In our initial conversations, we will assess the goals of your project, your timeline, your budget, and additional products you would like so we can give you the most accurate quote. Then when it’s time to install your trade show displays, our sign installation team will meet you onsite, install, and disassemble your trade show displays for you in a timely fashion. We always respect your time, budget, and satisfaction with every job we do.

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Got a trade show coming up or want to get a jump start on one in the future? Give Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays a call today at (202) 609-9761 to speak to a project manager about your trade show display needs or Get a Quote with us online. Our team can’t wait to work with you to make sure that your next trade show is a great one!

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