How Embassy Printing isn’t as Bad as You Think

Embassy Printing

Customer service is our number one priority, we focus on getting the project done correctly the first time, on time and on budget. We accomplish these goals with professional communication, devoted team of professionals, high-tech printing and processing facilities and dependable logistic partners.

Embassy Printing

Printing for an embassy is no different than printing for a company, we approach every project with the same enthusiasm to succeed. We are a bilingual company, speaking fluent English and Spanish. We work with embassy managers and artists from various nations and bridge the language barrier with good communication and patience. Our project coordinators work diligently to meet the specific guidelines, each embassy needs.

Embassy Printing

Publications: We utilize our network of digital and offset presses to provide cost effective, high quality printing.

Embassy Printing

Signage: Our large format printing capabilities are second to none, with fabric and vinyl printing up to 108” wide, perfect for event banners, displays and office signage.

Embassy Printing

All-inclusive services separate us from other printers, our expertise range from conception to completion: Design, Proof, Print, Finishing and Logistics! We have complete bindery and finishing equipment including: perfect binding, saddle stitching, form cutting and gluing. We prefer not to outsource any portion of a project, thus reducing cost and providing higher quality with faster production times.

Embassy Printing

We make Embassy Printing Easy!

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing & Graphics

5 Problems with Marketing Materials

Marketing materials have progressed, all the while many pre-existing forms of advertising continues to pay big benefits. 2017 is a digital world dominated by digital marketing. Prior to the 2008 recession, digital marketing was a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, not any longer. The market has reversed and old school marketing is much more affordable than digital, here’s why:

Google AdWords

1) Pay to Play: Digital advertising claims to reach thousands (even millions) via impressions, but CPC is the true measure. Cost Per Click is how much you paid when someone clicks the link leading to your ad. If you’re paying a set rate, a high CPC means you’re not reaching many people, a low CPC means you are. If you’re on a Pay Per Click campaign (PPC), like Google AdWords, your daily/weekly budget can easily be manipulated to push your ads to non-relevant visitors, they may click, but rarely convert.


2) Saturated Market: As the Internet grew and smart phone coverage became dependable and faster, advertisers have a larger canvas to paint their picture, meaning your cost to cover a geography increases. Add to that the numerous companies targeting your marketing budget, (with very convincing sales tactics) and the confusion multiplies.

Social Media

3) Social Media: Social media is mandatory and you are measured by your input. Like it or not, we all are judged by the new millennium market, who are social media addicts. Without a SM presence, you are considered inefficient, with a SM presence, you are dissected by every syllable your post. Advertisers will sell you on how valuable their social media advertising can be; demographics, geography, preferences and gender can be a very convincing argument, but do you really have what they’re seeking and will you be pre-judged before the conversion?


4) Hackers: Bad people do bad things, always have, always will. Companies like Apple and Microsoft will always strive to secure your connection to the information highway, but no one can ever stop it all (every web security service uses this disclaimer). Is the digital marketing company enticing you creditable? Hackers can easily mask their digital identity.


5) SEO: Search engines are a constantly moving target, what works today, may get you penalized tomorrow. Trusting in your webmaster to get you on the front page is no longer a viable option, expensive SEO companies or a full-time SEO employee (like me) are the only credible options.

Fear Not! I have Solutions!

Custom printed marketing materials will NEVER go “out-of-style” and will ALWAYS be a valuable and reliable addition to any marketing campaign. Here’s how:

1) There is no Pay to Play scenario with custom printed marketing materials. One price and you own it.
2) Control how you saturate the market with your brand and message.
3) Enhance and promote your social media campaigns with custom printed brochures, newsletters and publications.
4) A hacker has never hacked into a custom printed marketing piece.
5) Use your custom printed signs, brochures and publications to direct your qualified audience to your web presence.

Marketing Materials

Online marketing does work and it works even better when you accompany it with custom printed marketing materials from Heritage Printing.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Product Labels

Product Labels

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Product Labels

Making product labels is a 5-step process:

  3. PRINT

Product Labels

Create the image in a scalable, vector based program, Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw are popular software’s. Incorporate brand, logo, message and possibly a product picture. Choose colors that complement the product. We can design original brands, help edit a design or just pre-press your design and have it ready for printing.

Air Release: Best for windows and solid surfaces, allows trapped air to release through the vinyl for a very professional finish.
Removable: Best for “Clings” and repositionable wall graphics, allows the vinyl to be removed and reattached to another surface.
High Tack: Long lasting, best used for a more permanent fixture to the product

Full-Color print and color-matching with your provided company Pantone Colors for an exact match to your brand.

Contour, digitally cut to the specified dimensions and “weed” away the excess vinyl, pre-mask when necessary.

Package and ship to you!

Product Labels

Product labels, stickers and decals all follow the same Heritage Process. We make getting your labels fast, easy and affordable! Talk to any of our super-friendly project coordinators about your next label or decal order, we will amaze you.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing