How Lobby Signs Will Improve Your Business.

Improve your customer experience.

Imagine a customer is coming to your location for the first time. They have pulled up directions on google maps and have followed them precisely. They park and get out of the car, look around to see a dozen possible doors that could be their destination. Anxiety arises as they embark on the hunt to finish their expedition to arrive at your location. Hopefully you have conveniently located signs to make this an easy task and they walk directly to the door to which the signs have lead them. They open the door and enter. From this point there are two likely scenarios:

  1. They are greeted by a smiling face sitting behind a desk that is ready to answer any questions. The first question being “Is this (your business name here)?”.
  2. They see a well designed and appropriately place lobby sign that has already answered their first and biggest question.

The first scenario is a customer experience when there is no lobby sign. The time between them entering what is likely to be your office and them confirming it IS your office might seem small but for some it’s a long moment of uncertainty. This is at least a moment of discomfort that is at the forefront of your on location customer experience. 

Now imagine that same customer walking into your business and even before they fully enter the building they see your lobby sign that says “You are at the right place”. There is an automatic sensation of relief as their destination has been confirmed and they can relax and start to enjoy the rest of your customer experience. Given that their experience started long before they reached your business location, you should be mindful of every step, especially that first step they take across the threshold of your business. It may seem like a small improvement when considering one experience but scaling it up to one hundred customer experiences a week and it will quickly become a good investment to improve even half of those experiences. 

Create a lasting first impression.

Entering your lobby is the actual first impression your customers will have. You have a website, and probably sales people that may have hinted at what your company is and what you are about but entering your office lobby or waiting area is the first tangible example of what you want to portray to them.  We are visual creatures by nature and the scenery, interior design, choice of lighting and most of all signs and graphics play a large role in the visual impact and impression we get upon entering and take with us when we leave. With lobby signs and graphics you have the power to form that first and lasting impression and cater it to the benefit of not only your business, but both your present and future customers. 

Invoke positive emotions.

When we enter an environment, like a business, there is an effect that environment will have on our attitude and behavior. In fact, there is enough evidence of this to support a new field of study that was introduced in the 1960’s called Environmental Psychology which explores the effects our environment can have on us. Decades of research has shown that light sources and direction, the colors used for the walls, the texture of the upholstery, even the height of the ceiling can invoke a positive or negative emotion. It’s not a far stretch to include visual graphics like lobby signs or custom wall graphics in the way they affect the occupants of that environment. With a well designed and crafted lobby sign, wall wrap or other interior design graphic elements you can create a calming sense of warmth, invigorate creativity or invoke a feeling of security when someone enters your lobby. You could even disrupt a positive disposition by lacking any interior design appeal or branding graphics to show you are committed to a great experience. 

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Improve brand credibility.

When you enter any one of a nationally recognized brand’s locations you will undoubtedly see branded graphics and signage somewhere, if not everywhere. From large logo emblazoned lobby signs to custom printed wall paper covering the entirety of the interior, there are elements that create a sense of credibility and notoriety. It’s a symbolic element to this brand’s consistency and credibility and it unifies all the locations so you know you can expect the same level of service from any of their locations. This kind of credible brand representation can be utilized for your business whether it is one location or many. If it is your first location it will appear that you are much larger than just this office which will only relax most customers. Well designed graphic elements portraying your business in a credible way will improve your brand’s credibility one experience at a time as well as improving the customer experience when they are there. 

Heritage Signs & Displays has experienced designers and project coordinators that are adept in turning your brand into flawless and intentional lobby signs and graphics. From a professional standoff mounted acrylic sign or rustic wooden sign with dimensional letters to custom printed textured wall paper we can turn your office lobby into an ideal visual environment to receive your guests.

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