How to order a Retractable Banner

Retractable Banners DC

A conversation with a new customer, we’ll protect her identity by calling her Jane.

Heritage: Hello, how may I help you?
Jane: Hi, I’m Jane and I need 2 retractable banners.

Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners

Heritage: Wonderful, I’ll be happy to help. When do you need them and is it an event?
Jane: I need them in 7 days and yes, it’s for a trade show in DC.

Heritage: OK, do you have your artwork for the banners and will they be identical.
Jane: Yes, I have 2 unique artworks.

Heritage: Please go to /ftp.php and upload your artwork
Jane: Yes, I have sent you the file

Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners

Heritage: Which retractable banner do you need? We have 3 styles: wide base is our premium, 2 toggle feet is our mid-range, and 1 toggle foot is our economy.
Jane: I will be using these many times, so I want the wide base.

Heritage: Wonderful, that’s the Blade 920. Do you need the 36” x 84” or larger
Jane: 36 x 84 is good.

Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners

Heritage: Will we be delivering this to you, your hotel, office or trade show venue, or will you be picking it up?
Jane: I see you are just outside DC, so I can pick them up.

Heritage: OK, I have 2 Blade 920 retractable banners, with unique art and you will pick up at our Waldorf facility in 7 days. Correct?
Jane: Yes

Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners

Heritage: Your total, with tax is $646.71 (price subject to change) I’ll email you an invoice. Please pay here though our secure portal: /pay-online.php

Jane: OK, my email is [email protected]

Heritage: Upon receipt of payment, we will print the banners and make the retractables, I’ll send you another message when we have payment and a 3rd when they are ready for pickup.
Jane: Wow, that was easy!

Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners

Heritage: Thank you, may I assist with any of our other event products and services? Within your timeframe, we can produce booklets, fabric printing, backdrops and much more. Learn more by visiting our products web page.

Jane: OK, I may need more items, can I call you back later today or tomorrow?

Heritage: Yes, or feel free to reply to my email with any questions.
Jane: I’m so glad I found you guys on Google.

Heritage: I look forward to meeting you in person next week.
Jane: Thanks again


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing


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