How We Make Photo Canvas Prints

In this video, Tony Conner, Heritages’ Display Expert, shows how we make photo canvas prints here at Heritage Custom Signs. We custom cut each frame to meet the specs of every canvas print, we never use pre-fabricated frames.

Step 1: Align the print evenly with the frame, the canvas is printed with enough “bleed” to cover the sides of the frame.

NOTE: Tony doesn’t slide the print around on the protected work table, this protects the print from scratches.

Step 2: Base tack the canvas to the frame, this sets the print in place and prepares it for the tension.

Step 3: Starting at the opposite side of the base tacks, Tony uses a canvas stretch tool to provide tension to the printer, then takes it down.

Step 4: Tony tacks all 4 sides, leaving room to make the folds (pleats) on the print.

Step 5: Folding the corners is important for maximum appeal. Tony describes why he makes the folds at the top and bottom, as well as how he does it.

Step 6: Trim all excess canvas, wrap the print in plastic cellophane, then bubble-wrap and finally the custom made shipping container.

Photo Canvas Prints are exceptional lobby signs, and home interior decorations. We can take your personal photo to make a personalized print of your family, pet or favorite vacation spot.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs

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