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How to Install an EXTRA LARGE Banner Stand


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In this video, Brent & Trevor demonstrate how to install an EXTRA LARGE banner stand. XL banner stands are 10’ or 12’ wide by 8’ tall and require 2 people to install.


Step 1

Brent has all the hardware laid out on the table; notice the extra feet included with the XL banner stand hardware, these are for additional stability when needed.


There are 4 telescopic support poles used for the top and bottom of the banner, along with 4 extensions used to reach the 10’ and 12’ widths. Notice the middle support pole have ends to “cup” over and stabilize the center of the large banner.


Step 2 & 3

Trevor removes the screw from a side pole bottom and inserts the pole through a foot to create one of the side bases. In this video, we only hand tightened the side pole to a foot, we recommend using a Phillips screwdriver to “snug” the base together. Never over tighten any hardware.


Step 4

Brent connects one of the support poles; these poles are identical and can be used as either top or bottom support. Once together, he loosens and extends the telescopic support pole to its full length, then hand tightens it.


Step 5

2 people are needed to install our EXTRA LARGE banner stands, here we have Brent & Trevor working together to install the bottom and top support poles. For demonstration purposes only, they erected this stand without a banner. This demo makes it easy to view exactly how the hardware connects to form a banner stand.

With the bottom and top support poles secure, they simultaneously raise the banner stand to its full height.


Step 6 & 7

To show this installation with a banner, they have disassembled the top and bottom support poles and returned to Step 6 of the instructions where the banner is laid out fully on the floor and the bottom and top support poles are inserted into the pole pockets that are sewn into the banner material.


Step 8, 9, 10 & 11

Brent & Trevor install the TOP support pole first and instantaneously raise the banner until it is slightly off the floor, then secure the BOTTOM support pole with the provided hardware. At this point, they simply extend the side poles to even out the banner.


Step 12

EXTRA LARGE banners require a middle support pole. Trevor connects the telescopic poles and inserts the “bottom cup” (w/ stabilizer screw) in the slit and bottom pole, then extends it to fit in the top pole.


The finished product is an 8’ x 10’ vinyl banner stand.


Vinyl should not be folded (it will crease), therefore we roll vinyl banners on an 8’ x 3” paper tube for secure logistical purposes. All banner stands have a carry bag to conveniently contain all the hardware.

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