Lydia Middleton Elementary School

Heritage Signs & Displays is happy to share the successful completion of a project commemorating the 100th anniversary of Lydia Middleton Elementary School in Madison, Indiana. This monumental undertaking involved the creation of a captivating custom timeline wall display, spanning a substantial 26-foot brick wall within the school’s interior. This display elegantly captures the school’s century-long legacy, showcasing pivotal figures and significant events that have defined its remarkable journey.

The collaboration with Lydia Middleton Elementary School was marked by close consultation with their dedicated representatives, ensuring that the most pivotal aspects of the school's rich history were thoughtfully highlighted. The dedicated design team at Heritage worked around the clock to meet the client's deadline, resulting in a seamlessly integrated timeline wall display that authentically reflects the organization's heritage and identity.

Upon unveiling the display, Lydia Middleton Elementary School representatives expressed their profound satisfaction, stating, "The absolutely stunning timeline celebrating the 100 years of rich history for our school is an absolute treasure. The permanent timeline display will be available for future generations, assuring that the past is not lost."

This great achievement was made possible through a synergistic team effort, with Heritage's project management, design, fabrication, and installation department working harmoniously together.

The completion of this project marks a significant milestone in Heritage Signs & Displays' commitment to preserving and celebrating the legacy of esteemed institutions. Heritage looks forward to continuing its mission of creating enduring tributes to the history and identity of organizations for many years to come.


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