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What is the most portable, durable, reusable, affordable AND interchangeable tradeshow display?

from Heritage Printing & Graphics

Portable:  Our banner stands retract into a metal base that is easily and safely transported from one tradeshow to another.  Lightweight and easy to setup and take down, our retractable banner stands are the ultimate in effectiveness and portability.  The entire banner is set and perfectly displayed in 30 seconds!

Durable:  The metal aluminum base is finished in anodized silver with heavy duty molded end plates and swivel out foot reinforced and is able to withstand more than the average event vendors abuse and neglect.  The vinyl banner is tough and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and water if it gets soiled.

Reusable:  These banner stands are designed to be used year after year by a veteran tradeshow vendors.  The quality of the materials we use is unmatched.

Affordable:  Divide the cost of our retractable banner stand by how many times it can be used over its lifespan and the cost keeps diminishing.  Many event banners will not breakdown easily for storage and transport, thus needing replaced after only a few shows.  Starting at prices under $300, the “cost per event” value makes our retractable banner stands a must have for tradeshow, conventions and corporate events.

Interchangeable:  If your message changes, we can easily print another banner and install it in your banner stand.  No need to purchase a whole new outfit when all you need is the banner.

Our creative services team can work with your brand/logo to create your banner.  Designed with both veteran and rookie exhibitors in mind, display your products and services on a full color, custom designed banner that is engaging and gets noticed.

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