Why Do People Think Event Towers are a Good Idea?

Event Towers

Event Towers

The convention marketing world has exploded! With the evolving Internet and technology, vendors now have access to more marketing information at faster speeds, anyplace and anytime.

Standing out in a crowd is easier than ever!

Event Towers

Event Towers

Why Do People Think Event Towers are a Good Idea? Booth space is limited, you can only purchase so much square footage for your booth (typically 8’ x 8’) but you can always go UP.
Event TowersThe average height of exhibits across the convention floor is typically 8’ the few vendors that select to reach higher than their competition attracts more attention and are more positively remembered. Event towers rise your brand above the cloud of vendors and make your booth a talking/positioning point.
Event Towers


Touch your next customer, from across the convention floor, with a custom event tower from Heritage Printing.

We custom print and contour cut, event towers up to 12’ tall! We propel your logo, brand and message to the thousands in attendance with direct image printing and custom cutting each individual panel.

Our event tower panels are easy to store, transport, assemble and disassemble. Assembly is easy, build 3 or 4 sets of panels, then connect the sets, for an impressive event display that is affordable.
Event TowersDon’t become overshadowed and diminished by the competition at trade shows, when affordable event towers are easy to attain.

Our custom event towers can serve numerous functions, they can be configured to form a booth backdrop, hold company literature and more. Have your marketing department speak to our team and discover how advanced event towers have become.

More than just event displays, our towers can be utilized for Point of Purchase (POP) displays. Consumers and loyal customers can easily access the “Special of the Week” at the grocery and convenience stores.

Event Towers

The flexibility of a custom tower has multiple advantages:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Assemble/Disassemble
  • Portable
  • Reusable
  • Towers over Competitors
  • Versatile

Our Event Towers are On Sale this Month!

  • 18” Squares
  • 5 levels high approx. 7.5’ tall
  • 1-side or 2-side print
  • Basic layout of images included
  • Discount available for multiple orders
  • 5-day production schedule following final proof approval
  • Expedited Services available

1-Side Print $598 or 2 towers $898.00

2-Side Print $695 or 2 towers $1150.00

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing


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