The Impact of Lobby Signs in Branding Your Workplace or Storefront in Arlington, VA

A compelling lobby can leave a lasting impression on everyone who steps into your business, particularly if your company is situated in a highly competitive market like Arlington, VA. An inviting entryway appearance is crucial for converting casual interest into consistent patronage. Lobby signs are not merely displays of your company's name or logo; they bring your distinct branding to life and set your offerings apart from those of your rivals. They effectively convey your organization's values, mission statements, upcoming promotions, or any other significant information in a visually captivating and immersive way.

Lobby signs contribute to the overall aesthetics of corporate internal spaces. They infuse an air of sophistication and elegance into the reception area, making it more inviting and comfortable. This can instill a sense of pride among employees and cultivate a positive work atmosphere. As a potent branding tool, lobby signs enhance brand awareness among visitors by incorporating the company's logo, slogan, and key messages. This is particularly beneficial for companies in Arlington, VA aiming to make a robust initial impact and differentiate themselves from their competition.

The skilled team at Heritage Signs & Displays specializes in creating and installing lobby signs that will leave a lasting impression on customers and visitors in your corporate interior space.

Lobby signs are available in various shapes and sizes and can be utilized temporarily or permanently. Regardless of your specific branding requirements or signage objectives, our team boasts decades of experience in designing unique lobby signs that are visually appealing and accurately represent your brand. We regularly create the following materials and custom signs for lobby signage solutions.

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Wall Wraps

Wall wraps serve as an effective medium for lobby signs due to their extensive coverage and striking visual effects. They can transform plain, empty walls into engaging displays that represent your brand, mission, or the products and services you offer. Wall wraps are a great way to utilize unused space in a lobby and can be customized to fit any wall size. They also offer the flexibility of incorporating various designs, colors, and messages, making them a versatile option for impactful lobby signage.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic, also recognized as Plexiglas®, is a versatile material commonly used for lobby signs due to its high versatility and durability. It is more cost-effective and robust than glass and lighter in weight. Precision-cut acrylic can be combined with other signage elements to create a unique display. Professionally installed acrylic signs in your company lobby are ideal for achieving maximum branding impact.

Wall Displays

Wall displays are another effective tool for creating compelling lobby signs. These can range from mounted graphics to dimensional lettering or logo displays. They add depth and interest to your lobby area, creating a dynamic visual experience for visitors. Wall displays are highly customizable and can be designed to reflect your brand's aesthetics and messaging. They not only enhance the appearance of your lobby but also help establish a strong brand presence right at the entrance.

Standoff Mounted Signs

Three-dimensional signs are an effective way to elevate your company branding and engage your target audience. Standoff mounted signs are custom wall displays that are attached to your company walls with a gap of one to two inches, creating depth, especially when combined with other signage materials like acrylic, wood, brushed ACM, or other custom-routed substrates. Standoff mounted signs are popular due to their ability to make your company text and logo stand out significantly.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator wraps are a unique and innovative approach to lobby signage. By wrapping elevator doors or interiors with branded graphics, you can create a memorable impression on visitors while maximizing the use of available space. Elevator wraps can feature anything from your company logo to promotional messages or creative artwork related to your brand. This form of signage ensures that even transitional spaces like elevators contribute to reinforcing your brand identity.

Frosted Vinyl

Frosted vinyl is a popular choice for lobby signs due to its elegant and professional appearance. It provides a high-end look similar to etched glass but at a fraction of the cost. Frosted vinyl can be used on windows, doors, or glass partitions in your lobby, offering privacy while also serving as a branding tool. It can be cut into various shapes and designs, including your company logo or other branding elements, adding a subtle yet effective branding touch to your lobby area.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters, crafted from acrylic, brushed ACM, wood, and other substrates, provide an attractive method to add three-dimensional depth to your lobby sign. Dimensional letters allow your company logo or other important text to protrude from the walls, adding substantial experiential value and taking your corporate branding to new heights.

LED Backlit Signs

Our team regularly creates highly visually appealing and customizable interior signs with LED backlighting. These three-dimensional signs leave a lasting impression with LED lights installed behind the signage base, offering multiple options for colors and illumination patterns.

Lenticular Wall Displays

Lenticular wall displays bring a unique, interactive element to lobby signage. These displays use lenticular printing technology to create images with an illusion of depth or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. This creates a captivating visual experience for visitors, ensuring your lobby sign is not just seen but also remembered. Lenticular wall displays can be used to showcase your brand's creativity and innovation, making them a great choice for companies looking to stand out.

Lenticular Wall Displays in Arlington, VA

Custom Signs

Got a unique idea for a reception sign that doesn't fit into any specific or traditional signage category? We've got you covered! At Heritage Signs & Displays, we frequently produce tailor-made displays that combine various signage elements to create something truly unique and ideal for your business and branding objectives.

Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays for Your Lobby Signs in Arlington, VA?

Heritage Signs & Displays is a renowned supplier of custom signs, adhesive vinyl graphics, trade show displays, and booklet printing in Arlington, VA. Founded in Southern Maryland in 1977, we have since broadened our operations to the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Our signage shop utilizes cutting-edge wide-format printing technology and signage fabrication techniques to create distinctive displays that are as unique and impactful as the businesses and organizations we cater to. We ensure every client receives our signature 5-star service and a commitment to exceptional customer care.

Lobby Signs in Arlington, VA

Our Signage Installation Procedure: Clear, Comprehensive, and Hassle-Free

One of the defining features of collaborating with Heritage Signs & Displays is our easy-to-follow, cooperative approach to sign installation. When your team reaches out, one of our project managers will evaluate your signage requirements, including the nature of the sign, budget, installation site, deadline, and any other potential hurdles. Our installation crew visits your premises to conduct a site survey for precise measurements and to account for any other considerations, ensuring a smooth installation day. We've fine-tuned our processes to ensure speedy and non-disruptive installation. Our aim is absolute satisfaction at every stage, with your interior space reflecting your brand in an appealing and impactful way for customers and employees alike.

Lobby Signs in Arlington, VA

Lobby Signs FAQs

Lobby signs are a kind of signage usually positioned at or near the entrance of a business establishment. Their purpose is to showcase the company's brand and style while also providing crucial information such as contact details, operating hours, and services available to visitors. They can be crafted from various materials like wood, metal, acrylic, and plastic, and come in diverse shapes and dimensions.

Lobby signs serve as an effective tool to make a lasting impression on visitors upon their entry into your premises. They project a positive image of the company, indicating professionalism, quality, and reliability. Moreover, they enhance brand awareness and recognition and can be utilized to relay messages or advertise special deals. As lobby signs are typically the first point of interaction for visitors, their design must be captivating and memorable.

The ideal material for your lobby sign depends on your brand's identity, budget, and desired aesthetic. Metal signs, though costly, can impart a luxurious appearance; plastic or acrylic signs are more affordable but still durable; wooden signs exude a timeless charm and come in a variety of finishes. Ultimately, it's crucial to choose a material that aligns with your brand and fits within your budget constraints.

Lobby signs can create a strong first impression on visitors and can also serve as a medium to broadcast messages or promote exclusive deals. Furthermore, they are a potent tool to increase brand recognition and visibility. With a well-executed design, lobby signs can become a crucial component of your overall branding strategy. They can even attract new clientele by showcasing any awards or accolades your business has received.

Alongside the main lobby sign, there should also be directional or wayfinding signs to help visitors navigate around your premises. This could include signs directing to restrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and any other areas that need clear identification. Moreover, safety and emergency signs should be a part of the lobby signage as well.

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