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How to Assemble and Disassemble a Banner Stand


Complete instructions on how to setup your banner stand and how to disassemble it for your next event. Time restraints prevent us from going into extensive detail, but it’s an exceptional “How to” video.

Banner Stand Hardware

  • Feet
  • Side Poles (telescopic)
  • Support Poles (top & bottom)
  • Assembly Fasteners
  • Carrying Case


  1. Remove the hardware from the carry case
  2. Attach the feet to the side polesBanner-Stand-Feet
  3. Connect the support poles to the extensions
  4. Unroll/unfold the banner
  5. Slide a support pole into the top pole pocket of the banner and secure to the top of the side poles
  6. Partially extend the side poles and tighten
  7. Slide a support pole into the bottom pole pocket of the banner and secure to the bottom of the side poles
  8. Loosen the side poles and raise the banner until it’s taught


  1. Detach the bottom support pole and remove from the banner
  2. Lower the side poles
  3. Detach the top support pole and remove from the banner
  4. Disassemble the hardware and place into the carry case
  5. Roll or fold the banner for transportation/storage

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