7 Tips to Improve Your Newsletter

Improve Your Newsletter

Printed newsletters are excellent for bringing awareness to a company, its brand, services and products.  Newsletters that are mailed to clients regularly have proven to be an effective form of marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some newsletter tips I use:

  1. Customer testimonials not only add credibility to your newsletter, it also acknowledges the client as an established and satisfied customer.  When brought to their attention, the customer will appreciate the mentioning of his company and brand, thus improving retention.
  2. It’s a good idea to keep track of your email newsletter recipient’s birthdays (social media helps a lot here) and send them a product discount with that edition of your direct mail newsletter.
  3. Schedule your newsletter to be received on a consistent basis.  Your loyal readers will appreciate the timeliness and increase expectations prior to the arrival.  This is easy with our mailing services and fulfillment options.
  4. Become the expert in your industry by answering questions, providing “How To” tips and links to websites/articles that support your statements.
  5. Have a “Special Offer” or “Discount” section to your newsletter.  This will generate interest, increase sales and provide options for tracking your newsletters effectiveness.
  6. Utilize your website as a portal for your newsletter.  This will increase your Internet presence and help with your search rankings.
  7. Always respond to inquiries either by phone, email, text or online replies.  When posting on your website, respond within 2 business days to all questions.

These seven tips can be the difference between a newsletter that gets read and acted upon and one that is trashed upon arrival.

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