Don’t Hold Back Your Direct Mail

Direct Mail Post Card

Direct mail is an immediate response. Your recipients only need to be reminded of your brand to re-affirm your commitment to quality. Your direct mail campaign guides people to your digital presence and storefront. The mobile internet has given consumers the ability to reach you (and your competition) fast, direct mail brings them straight to your internet marketing efforts.

Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing

{58% of Americans perform online research about the products and services that they are considering purchasing.}

Internet marketing has become the primary focus for many companies, it provides excellent opportunities for brand awareness and e-commerce. The mistake businesses make is abandoning marketing campaigns that guide consumers to your internet presence, direct mail marketing does just that!

Don’t lose touch with your loyal customers. Direct mail can support all digital campaigns with full-color imagery, URL’s to a web page and QR codes that quickly delivers your message to mobile users.

Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing

[Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one?]

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Retaining customers and building a loyal client base should be the primary marketing goal of every business. Supporting your internet and social presence with direct mail is an effective retention tool.

Direct Mail Envelopes

The transition from analog to digital had companies adjusting their marketing efforts. This shift in approach requires a change in direct mail as well. Here’s how:

Envelopes: Custom printed envelopes with your company logo delivers your brand awareness before opening the letter. An engaging envelope may be enough to encourage your customer to get online and make a purchase, research your products or schedule an appointment.

EDDM: Postcards deliver your company image, address, web presence and products in an instant, unavoidable and positive manner. Large fonts, bullet points and appealing imagery will increase digital traffic.

Publications: Your catalogs, booklets, magazines and reports are all opportunities to increase customer interaction. Even in this digital world, people prefer hard copies.

Newsletters: Your company news, delivered directly to your subscribers, inspires your readers and entices them to explore all aspects of your business.

“Our customers are unaware of our
inventory of products and services.”

Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing

Direct mail works, it always has and it always will. Dynamic marketing efforts require changes to all campaigns, including direct mail.

Don’t Hold Back Your Direct Mail

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