Who Really uses Catalogs?

Catalog Printing

In the fast-paced, digital world of mobile devices, who really uses catalogs?


Catalog Printing

Printed catalogs are in demand more now than ever, the digital era complimented the printed catalog, maybe as much as the printing press! Digital is great for searching, but not viewing, so after a search locates the items, print provides outstanding imagery and detailed descriptions. Digital and print work in harmony, especially with catalogs.

Catalog Printing

Experience matters in the printing industry, especially when printing large orders, imagine the ramifications of printing 20,000 catalogs incorrectly! That’s why our proofing process is second to none.

Catalog Printing

We relish the larger orders of catalogs; our digital color and process color offset printing capabilities produce the very best quality, at affordable rates and in remarkable timeframes.

Catalog Printing

Production deadlines are never a problem, our facility is well equipped to expedite large orders of catalogs, and our shipping services are uber-efficient and always on schedule. Need it now for a convention in DC, we are the printers to call!

Catalog Printing

We are one of the leaders in commercial publications printing in the DC region and east coast. Our experience dates to 1977, our outstanding customer service will provide you with a pleasant experience and a finished product that you’re proud to send to your mail list or hand to a customer.

Catalog Printing

Our binding process consists of various methods. Every colorful, professionally designed catalog can be bound to meet your needs.

Binding Options

  • Saddle-Stitched

  • Perfect Bound

  • Plastic Coil Bound

  • Wire Coil Bound

  • 3-Hole Drilled

Design Services:

New catalogs often require assistance with typography, graphics and layout, we employ experienced professionals that understand the “How’s and Why’s” of catalog pre-press. We can help with the preparation of your files, all the way to the delivery of the printed catalog. Our turnkey catalog services are renowned.

When you need catalogs printed, Heritage Printing is the commercial printer to call.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing


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