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LED Backlit Signs from Heritage Printing & Graphics will stop you in your tracks!

LED Signs DC

We Color Match your company colors on wood, acrylic, PVC & brushed aluminum substrates and we professionally install your sign for you.

LED Technology was discovered in 1927 Europe and the technology continues to advance beyond measure. The LED lights we utilize in our backlit signage use less energy, produce more light and offer an array of colors. Our Creative Services team of engineers, graphic artists and carpenters flourish with this technology and produce eye-popping custom backlit signs.

Our team of experts design a plethora of custom lobby signage every year, with an assortment of backlit sign printing for an array of applications and events. Their imagination and creativeness have pushed Heritage Printing to the forefront of the custom signage and event display industry. LED signs are another aspect of the custom signs products we have produced for years, we can add LED lighting to a SEG (silicone edge graphics) lightbox for a unique application.

We use a diverse collection of materials on an LED sign, from Stainless Steel to Acrylic Sheathing, but it's the LED Lights illuminating the backlit display signs that commands the attention. Our custom LED signs are bold and vibrant and can be personalized with a company brand, logo and image. 3-D LED signs from Heritage Printing will draw the eye of passers-by and entice them to stop to discover all features of a storefront, restaurant or retail shop.

Call Heritage Printing today to learn more about our LED Signs and backlit graphics, we help you excel above the competition.

LED backlit lighting applied to interior signs only. Heritage Printing are not licensed electricians, thus can’t perform any wiring for any backlit displays or lightboxes.

LED Signs command attention & Heritage Printing is Charlotte’s Custom LED Sign Shop!

LED Signs Charlotte

*LED lighting applied to interior signs only.

Heritage Printing are not licensed electricians, thus can’t perform any wiring for any signage.

We use a variety of materials to manufacture Custom LED Signs: PVC, Stainless Steel, Acrylic and High Efficiency Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights. This combination of quality materials, cutting edge technology and advanced signage equipment enables Heritage Printing in Charlotte to be the only sign shop you will ever need.

LED Technology has advanced immensely since first being introduced in 1927. Today's LED lights use less energy, produce more light and provide an array of colors, add this to a custom sign and the possibilities are endless.

Custom LED signs are distinctive and enjoy more attention from current and potential customers than traditional signage. The 3-D appearance, unique shape and LED illumination draw the eye of passers-by and entices them to stop and explore all aspects of the storefront, restaurant or retail shop.

Our Creative Services team in Charlotte can design and manufacture a custom LED signs that is bold and vibrant. We also offer personalized LED signs using company brands, logos and images.

Call Heritage Printing today for more info on our LED Signs and how we can help you excel in your market.

Custom designed LED Lobby Signs, impress everyone at your office.

We use LED light to enhance your interior signs both day and night, illuminated signs get seen and remembered.

Backlit signage demand attention, the colorful illumination of LED lights can add a soft enhancement, wherein as our remote controlled full-color lighting will provide complete control of a kaleidoscope of color.

Acrylic with contour cut dimensional letters in a standoff lobby sign can be bold yet subtle simultaneously. We have backlit canvas prints, brushed aluminum signs and in an interior light box format. Unlimited options for interior backlit signs and we guarantee to color match your brand with your provided company Pantone colors.

Backlit signs have a multitude of options!

  • Lobby Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Menu Signs
  • Product Signs


We offer professional installation services by our staff or a reputable provider in your area. We always provide a custom template of every backlit sign for exact installation.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: During this COVID-19 crisis we continue to receive orders and produce work for our clients while taking every precaution to keep our employees safe.