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Custom Made Covid-19 Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards for Check-Out Counters, Desktops and Office Workspaces in Washington DC & Charlotte NC

Many businesses are beginning to reopen in the Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC metro areas after several months of working remotely from home during the Coronavirus crisis. In preparation for the return of their staff, companies are installing Custom Made Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Clear Custom Cut Plexiglass Shields, Barriers and Partitions for the safety and protection of their team members. These clear plexiglass barriers are installed at their check-out counters and registers, desktops, workstations and many other strategic areas in their workspace and common areas to protect their employees from the spread of Coronavirus. This is just one of many safety features that businesses in the DC metro area are using to help keep their employees safe while still effectively working at the office in this new environment with work stations we are adapting to. Branded Countertop Sneeze Guards and six-foot Social Distancing Signage and Floor Graphics have popped up everywhere in the Charlotte, NC region in recent weeks as our society has become well aware of the need to better protect ourselves from Covid-19 and other spreadable diseases.

The challenge for many companies in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland is to find the right provider that can help them create and install custom made and branded Covid-19 Sneeze Guards using clear acrylic that fit their unique needs while making them as functional and non-obtrusive as possible. That is where a professional company like Heritage Printing & Graphics, a Veteran Owned Company with locations in Washington DC, Charlotte NC and Waldorf MD, comes into play. Our project managers would be thrilled to come out to your facility to assess your needs, take pictures and measurements, make recommendations and suggestions, and then come back to you with our recommendations and a proposal for your consideration and approval. We will provide you with proofs and other visuals that will confirm your agreement and then we will custom make your clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards

During this time, when the spread of Covid-19 is very much at the top of everyone’s mind, the team at Heritage is doing whatever we can to respond to the needs of our customers in Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. By installing clear acrylic Sneeze Guards and Social Distancing Safety Signs and Floor Graphics for our clients in Washington DC, Charlotte NC and everywhere in between, we are adding another layer of protection and peace of mind for our client’s employees and customers. While sneeze guards have been a common staple at self-serve food bars and other areas that have historically required a protective barrier, the installation of acrylic Sneeze Guards at check-out counters, and as clear partitions between desks and cubicles represents an added measure of safety in the effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Clear Acrylic Sneeze guards help employees and customers maintain social distancing standards and the needed physical separation that is required to enhance the personal protection of everyone in the workplace.

Heritage Printing & Graphics create and install clear acrylic Commercial Sneeze Guards and Social Distancing Signs and slip resistant Floor Graphics that fit the unique needs and branding requirements of each of its clients. With production facilities and install teams based in Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC, Heritage Printing & Graphics is able to support the needs of many businesses, organizations, agencies and venues quickly and affordably. Our project managers are just one phone call from beginning this process. Let Team Heritage take this burden and responsibility off of your “to do” list today so that you can get back to operating your business with one less thing to worry about. Leave it to Heritage, we are here to help!

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Customer's Frequently Asked Questions

1⭐️How high should a sneeze guard be?
The sneeze guards made at Heritage Printing typically fall within the 60-72” range. It is tall enough to adequately create physical distance between customers and store employees.
2⭐️Are sneeze guards required?
Requirements are determined by local and state guidelines. Many companies optionally choose to invest in creating a safer environment for customers and employees with or without mandates. Given these times with the Coronavirus a sneeze guard is a great part of a total approach to help prevent the spread of the virus.
It is important to check any local guidelines. Heritage Printing can assist in creating and installing sneeze guards that meet strict guidelines.
3⭐️What is the purpose of a sneeze guard?
A proper sneeze guard is a good option when planning for the safety of employees and customers. It is effective in minimizing micro droplet exposure caused by sneezing and coughing, that can spread harmful viruses from person to person or even person to food.
Heritage Printing has installed many personalized and custom branded sneeze guards that compliment customer experiences.
4⭐️What are sneeze guards made of?
Sneeze guards traditionally were just acrylic plastic, cut or shaped for a counter or hung from the ceiling. Today customers enjoy branded and truly customized sneeze guards that blend with a company's look and feel.
Heritage Printing takes this a step further and custom prints onto the acrylic and offers customized installation solutions to meet any requirements.
5⭐️How do you clean a sneeze guard?
Cleaning sneeze guards should be clear of water spots when done. It is helpful to clean with warm water and mild soap or detergent solution. Rinsing should be done with cold clean water.
Drying should be done with a soft sponge or micro-cloth to fully eliminate water spots that can carry harmful bacteria or viruses.
6⭐️How do you install a sneeze guard?
Installation of sneeze guards can be done directly on counters or hard surfaces, suspended from ceilings and other customer applications. When hanging this can be done with fastening equipment or holes drilled directly into the sneeze guard to hang with appropriate wire, rope or chain.
For hard surface or counter installations, this depends on the surface material. Frame systems can be used to slide the guard into, or in some cases acrylic fastened directly to the surface.
Heritage Printing has installed sneeze guards in multiple locations with multiple needs. If you need help in deciding what’s best for you, please contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During this COVID-19 crisis we continue to receive orders and produce work for our clients while taking every precaution to keep our employees safe.

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