What Are Experiential Graphics?

According to the Society for Experiential Graphic Designs, experiential graphic design is “a process that involves the orchestration of typography, color, imagery, form, technology and, especially, content to create environments that communicate.” Experiential graphics are a combination of many graphical elements used by organizations in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland to connect with their target customers and create a positive impression of the company and the staff. Experiential graphics work in conjunction with each other to amplify brands and enhance corporate interiors to create an immersive and appealing experience for customers, employees, and visitors.

Examples of Experiential Graphics

Usually, the most effective examples of experiential graphics are the ones that are used in conjunction with each other. There are numerous tools available in the world of experiential graphics to craft an experience for a business, but using the right ones in a way that both matches and amplifies a brand is how an impressive experience can be created. Some examples of experiential graphics include the following.

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Wall Wraps

Made from adhesive vinyl, wall wraps constitute some of the most extensive and visually immersive components of experiential graphics. Wall wraps on the lobby interior walls might highlight key branding images or slogans, mission statements, company values, current promotions, or other important information. Wall wraps are an easy graphics solution to turn an interior space into an impactful and effective branding opportunity.

Lobby Graphics

Your office’s entryway is the best opportunity for environmental graphics to make a lasting impact and attract the interest of potential customers. Lobby graphics and signs come in a variety of forms, but serve the purpose of helping elevate your brand, make your organization’s mission objectives or products clear and appealing, and distinguish your company from your competitors.

Standoff Mounted Signs

A rebranded corporate headquarters utilizing experiential graphics might employ three-dimensional signage such as standoff mounted signs to accentuate and amplify logos, images, and important personnel. Freestanding signage that’s lifted off from the wall one to two inches can add an extra layer of depth, or perhaps a custom-fabricated sign that has a unique shape and function. When combined with accessories such as dimensional lettering and LED backlighting, standoff mounted signs can be a particularly effective component of experiential graphics.

Interior Wallscapes and Wall Murals

The aesthetic value of experiential graphics to enhance corporate interior spaces and amplify branding initiatives can’t be overstated. Interior wallscapes, wall murals, and canvas prints are a way to provide texture and experiential value to your new signage and to provide unique imagery that is on brand for your company while being visually appealing.

Frosted Vinyl Graphics

A popular component of experiential graphics is the utilization of frosted vinyl to achieve a professional and integrated effect on offices, meeting rooms, and other interior glass. Frosted vinyl achieves the opaque and stylish look of etched glass without the steep price tag and can be cut and installed on existing glass. Frosted vinyl is a perfect integration of branding, company logos, and patterns to give office interiors a professional look while achieving privacy.

Office Graphics

The impression that your customers and employees have of your brand in all areas of your interior matter. Experiential graphics offer numerous possibilities for enhancing every space inside corporate interiors, especially offices, meeting rooms, showrooms, and hallways. Experiential graphics create an inspiring environment for all who interact with your brand and reinforce that environment at every juncture.

Experiential Graphics in Washington, DC

Heritage Signs & Displays Prints and Installs Impactful Experiential Graphics in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia

Heritage Signs & Displays is a veteran-owned sign shop that specializes in printing and installing experiential graphics for companies and organizations in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland. We have been serving the DC metro area since 1977 with award-winning commercial interior graphics, trade show displays, commercial printing, and other custom signs. Using state-of-the-art wide-format printing technology and professional sign fabrication techniques, we have served leading brands as well as government institutions, non-profit and faith-based organizations, sporting venues, and event spaces in and around the Beltway.

Our Stress-Free Experiential Graphics Installation Process

The decades of experience accumulated by our experiential graphics experts have allowed Heritage Signs & Displays to be an industry leader in straightforward, efficient, and collaborative sign installation for our clients throughout Washington, DC and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our project managers are masters at effective communication and collaboration to deliver experiential graphics that are impactful and connect customers to your organization’s services, missions, and values. Our goal is to serve each of our clients with the same commitment to 5-star service, timely sign installation, and award-winning custom signs and graphics.

Experiential Graphics in Washington, DC

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Experiential graphics can not only take your Washington, DC or Northern Virginia organization or company to the next level, but create a meaningful connection between your brand and your customers as they experience what makes your space impactful. If you’re ready to begin the process of printing and installing new experiential graphics in the DC area, call us today at (202) 609-9761 or Get A Quote for free today using our convenient online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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