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BIG Checks are great to promote events, community projects, charitable contributions and nonprofits

BIG Checks DC

Very few things have the visual impact of a BIG CHECK! The enormous size of a BIG CHECK along with the huge currency amount demands consideration from your social media audience. The BIG CHECK is everywhere, it is a must for videos and photos.

PVC is the more durable substrate we use, it's the best choice for a BIG BLANK Check made for dry erase as it has a longer life span to be re-used numerous times. Foam Core is the most popular and affordable substrate we use. Foam Core makes a beautiful BIG Check prop and is great for several uses or as a display.

BIG Check Sizes:

  • 18” x 36”
  • 24” x 48”
  • 48” x 96”
  • Custom sizes available

Have your event and company logo/brand on a BIG Check, we can design any image imaginable. Our creative services team can use your company brand or any provided images to create a unique BIG Check for any event.

BIG Checks are a popular line item from our custom signs & life size character cut outs products. Click here to learn more…

Several sizes to choose from:

  • BIG TICKETS for sporting events & concerts
  • BIG THERMOMETERS for donations monitoring
  • BIG GIFT CARDS for birthdays & anniversaries
  • BIG HEAD for birthdays & office parties
  • BIG DET WELL CARD for friends and loved ones
  • BIG Anything... except for copyrighted materials

BIG Checks are great to promote events, community projects, charitable contributions and nonprofits

BIG Checks Charlotte

2' x 4' BIG Checks as low as $75 ea. with minimal purchase of 4 checks.

The BIG CHECKS are everywhere, it has quickly become a mainstay for photo opportunities and video shoots. Few properties (props) have the impact that a Big Check has; the enormous size, along with the enlarged currency amount demands attention and comments from bystanders and the social community.

We make your Fake Checks from either a foam core or PVC substrate; the foam core is the most popular and affordable, it makes an impressive BIG Check extremely efficient for several uses or as a display. PVC provides a more durable platform and long life BIG Check that can be re-used numerous times, PVC is used for our dry erase props.

We make BIG Checks in 2 forms, UV Printed and Dry Erase. Our UV Print is a direct image to the foam core substrate that is “writable” but is permanent. Our PVC dry erase BIG BLANK Checks can be addressed, wiped clean and re-written repeatedly for multiple uses and recipients.

GIANT Check signs are printed with any information you desire, including your company logo and the specific information for your event. Our creative services team can create any image using your company brand or any image you provide and format it to the check size.

BIG Check Questions

How fast can you make a BIG Check?
  • Under 2 hours after proof approval
Can you make a dry erase BIG Check?
  • Yes, we use specific vinyl, laminated to the check

Have a Presentation Check made for your next golf tournament fund raiser, fantastic for non-profit organizations and charities.

BIG Checks are printed on a foam core for most single event uses, we print and stick the dry erase vinyl and laminate it to PVC substrate for a reusable, long life check.

Custom printed GIANT Check signs can be printed with your message, including company logo and information.

We make anything BIG!

  • BIG Tickets
  • BIG Thermometer
  • BIG Gift Card
  • BIG Heads
  • Presentation Checks
  • BIG Blank Checks

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the current Covid-19 crisis we continue to be OPEN for business at our Waldorf, Maryland and Charlotte, North Carolina production facilities. We are fully able to support ALL of your printing and signage requirements. Heritage is doing this while taking every precaution to keep our employees safe.

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